Trump Calls For New H-1B Visa Policy, What The Tech Industry Is Saying

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As part of his ‘Buy American, Hire American’ push, President Trump is ordering an overhaul of H-1B visas.

In a speech Tuesday in Wisconsin, Mr Trump argued some companies are gaming the system by hiring lower-paid foreigners at the expense of jobs at home.

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“No one can compete with American workers when they’re given level playing field,” he said. “Which has not happened for decades.”

Any major reforms to the program that brings in highly-skilled workers from overseas will require Congress to weigh in, and it looks like the technology industry is angling for a say in the new-look policy.

Tech companies are among the top sponsors for H-1B applicants says Micheal Hayes with the Consumer Technology Association.

“To hire top talent when they truly need it — when they need someone with a niche skillset, and they’re not able to find a person here in the country to fill that job,” he said.

But Hayes notes abuse.

“When it is used to outsource American jobs, that’s inappropriate,” he said. “It’s got to end.”

He suggests a merit-based system replace the current lottery.

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“It’s a matter of working with Congress to figure out how that system should be executed to both maximize economic impact and make sure that companies are able to recruit the talent that they do need,” said Hayes.

He calls ‘ignorant’ any policy that would push skilled workers out of the country once our universities educate them, as they then work for competitors to US companies.

The CTA has called for raising the current yearly cap of 85,000 visas, arguing that costs American jobs.

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One Comment

  1. gyavis says:

    Read the whole “Change” – The only thing that’s changed since the first “visitor Worker Visa” Program started is that if wasn’t effecting your kids. So when the standard “market driven” made it OK to buy on the cheap. Now all of a sudden those who profited the most have to find someone to blame then their kids are also unable to find a job.

  2. Scott Wilson says:

    It’s nice to finally have a POTUS concerned with the needs of Americans. Thanks, Pres. Trump!

  3. The H-1B system has made it all the more difficult for American women to break into the IT field. We are underrepresented and not given a chance to use our talents. We have been pushed out by the H-1B visa holders. This is a very good move by President Trump and shows that he is pro-woman!

    1. Scott Wilson says:

      the h1b has pushed out entry-level people of all genders, not just women.

      1. gyavis says:

        But when it was just women, Scott, it didn’t really matter did it? When Trump-(sky) was using foreign workers to build his empire, and work in hi casinos, we had a president interested in the American Worker, but you took the “not born in America” bait then.

  4. To hire top talent when they truly need it — when they need someone with a niche skillset, and they’re not able to find a person here in the country to fill that job,” he said.

    You LIE, Mikey. Exceptional people can get in in an O-1 visa. H-1bs are mediocre but cheap.

  5. Right on, Glorious Leader! Those ugly imported brownies have been undercutting our wages for decades. Send them all home to Dotlandia!

    1. gyavis says:

      Ray, you have given yourself away beautifully. Now go stir the gravy and set the table for Sunday Dinner.

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