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McDonald’s Drive-Thru Pit Stop Leads To Facebook Killer

ERIE, Pa. (CBS) — Pennsylvania State Police say the manhunt for the alleged ‘Facebook Killer’ Steve Stephens is over.

Authorities say Stephens shot and killed himself after a brief police pursuit on tuesday.

But before police got to him, it was a call from a McDonald’s employee that triggered a response.

The order came through the McDonald’s drive-thru window in Harborcreek Township, Pennsylvania, around 11 a.m. on Tuesday: Chicken McNuggets and a side of fries.

When the driver of the white Fusion with Ohio tags reached the payment window, an employee recognized him from news reports and called police.

Phila. Police: No Indication Accused FB Killer In Our Area

The driver was Steve Stephens, the suspect in the Easter Sunday slaying of mechanic Robert Godwin in Cleveland.

“[The employee] said, ‘I think that’s the guy. Can you double check I’m right?'” franchise owner Thomas DuCharme said.

“When I saw him I knew it was him. It fits the profile. He didn’t look that different than the picture but his beard was trimmed down.”

Authorities said Stephens killed Godwin and posted video of the killing on Facebook before fleeing the state, triggering a nationwide manhunt.

The McDonald’s employee called police as Stephens proceeded down the drive-thru, DuCharme said. Two cars were in front of his, and police were on the way by the time Stephens reached the pickup window.

To buy time, DuCharme gave Stephens his nuggets and told him his fries would take an extra minute. But Stephens did not wait, he said. He took his nuggets and drove off.

“He didn’t want to wait for the fries, which was fine,” DuCharme said. “We were just trying to make sure [the employee] got in contact with the state police.”

By the time he pulled out of the driveway and onto Buffalo Road, state police were behind him, DuCharme said.

During the chase a trooper rammed into his car. While the car was spinning out of control Stephens pulled a pistol and shot himself in the head, Pennsylvania State Police said.

Phila. Police: No Indication Accused FB Killer In Our Area

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf tweeted his thanks to the Pennsylvania State Police for their vigilance in pursuing Stephens.

Search Widens For Facebook Murder Suspect 

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One Comment

  1. queenbnm says:

    I’m actually sad that this guy died through a self-inflicted injury, because if it was up to me, I would have let him roam the streets, walk up to him, and shoot him in the head – JUST like he did to Godwin. So that he can die a slow, and painful death, and go through the SAME EXACT PAIN Godwin went through.


  2. Stehr Va says:

    What is this alleged business, there were witnesses and he filmed it for facebook. He was a dirtbag and got what he deserved. The POS shot an innocent man on his way home from church-can not get much worse than that and there are NO excuses for what he did so family and friends can just shut their mouths-this was no chior boy and they know it. a

  3. Why couldn’t he have done the suicide before the murder and saved everyone the heartache? He had no business killing anyone innocent. If he was that miserable, he could have made this much less dramatic and not involved people with no connection. Extremely narcissistic way to go out.

  4. David Foster says:

    Would have been hard to hide with a mug like that. Glad he is gone, he did taxpayers a service by offing himself.

  5. This POS should have shot himself from the get go. I hope he’s enjoying a nice spot in hell right now.

  6. thenightscribe says:

    GOOD. Buh-bye.

  7. Tom Ronson says:

    Well, if the only way to rid ourselves of black thugs is one at a time, I guess that will do.
    I’d like to remove them from society as large groups, but we need to do whatever works.

  8. Unlike those cowards in AR that have been on Death Row for 20 years…this guy is a hero for delivering a self-inflicted Taxpayer Relief Shot.

  9. Mike Arvand says:

    good riddance to bad rubbish

  10. riosam77 says:

    Glad to hear he made the right choice…… he’s right where he should be..

  11. When you are on a live video killing someone you are not an ALLEGED.

  12. “Stephens is suspected of allegedly shooting an elderly man in Cleveland”
    Oh please…he DID shoot that old man.


  13. How many more of these Obamanites are out there?

  14. joechute says:

    Good We the People don’t have to feed that piece of schit for life

  15. Jack White says:

    Less wasted oxygen and taxdollars…

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