By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Residents and staffers at an East Oak Lane home for the disabled were shaken up in the middle of the night when a car came crashing into the house. One person was taken to the hospital.

Blossom Philadelphia provides housing for the disabled, a pair of their homes are here on Cheltenham Avenue near Broad Street.

And when CEO Paula Czyzewski got a call that a car slammed into one house.

“I stopped myself from having a heart attack.”

At 2:30 in the morning a couple of cars got into an accident, one car then rammed into a guardrail, veered off the road and into the house.

Czyzewski says five people were inside at the time. Three sleeping residents and two staffers. One staffer sitting in a chair in the front room when the car plowed through.

“So she got pushed in the chair.”

Czyzewski says, somehow she was not seriously hurt. And they not only have to focus on rebuilding but making sure the residents and staff are alright.

“When they go through something this traumatic we want to make sure we’re supporting them.”

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