Lawsuit Filed After Teen Allegedly Forced To Have Sex With 1,000 Men Over 2 Years

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–For the first time since the state’s human trafficking law has been enacted, lawyers in Center City are using it to hold a Northeast Philly Motel responsible for the sexual exploitation of a teenager.

“This child was forced into sex slavery, paid to do things with men double, triple, quadruple her age, ” said Nadeem Bezar, with Kline & Specter PC.

Lawyers allege employees at the Roosevelt Inn knew that a 14-year-old girl was being held here against her will for two years.

In that time she was forced to have sex with more than a 1,000 men for as little as $50.

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“She is devastated by what happened to her and just trying to piece her life back together,” said Bezar.

The girl– now 17– wants this hotel to pay for what happened her.

Under the 2014 law, she’s suing the Roosevelt Inn’s owners, the larger management company that runs it, and even the motel manager Yanga Patel.

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When Eyewitness News tried to talk to the motel manager about the lawsuit he didn’t want to say much except deny the allegations.

“I was always in the office I didn’t see anything wrong,” said Patel.

“You have to be blind deaf and dumb not to know that over 100 men are showing up over a period of a couple days,” says Attorney Tom Kline, who’s representing the victim. “You have a cleaning crew, that comes into the room and often times finds boxes or waste cans full of use condoms…this is about as open and obvious as it gets”

Kline says it is a flagrant and blatant example of a motel looking the other way and profiting.

“You can’t have a line of johns out the front door and around the room waiting without them knowing the linen service was extra ordinary. The front desk would direct the traffic to the room of this child.”

Kline says if the people responsible are not held criminally liable he says hitting them in the pocketbook will go a long way in policing this conduct.

The victim is currently  going through therapy and trying re-rail her derailed life.

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One Comment

  1. I can’t believe that girl were forced to have sex with 1000 MEN and that’s sickening. They need to round up 1000 men and put them behind bars and let the inmates deal with them. They take care of the business.

  2. Asma Aftab says:

    like Curtis said I can’t believe that any body can make $8668 in one month on the internet .
    Open this ………………

  3. Nadeem Bezar? Yanga Patel? This country has really turned into a t urd world he llhole. Thanks, (((hoo knoses))).

  4. Hindus don’t care what happens in all the hotels they own as long as they get their money.

  5. Ray Sampson says:

    What happened to this girl is beyond horrific, but we can’t punish private citizens for not noticing or suspecting a crime they have no DIRECT information about, and even reporting it when they do. Yes we can condemn and shame them, for their lack of awareness and / or concern, but that’s about it. This is still a free country, and part of being free is being : Uncaring, Selfish, Stupid and Blind. This lawsuit will fail and should fail.

  6. Stop being so judgmental.

  7. “Re-rail her derailed life”

    Keep hiring only the best and brightest, CBS.

  8. If the girl is 17 now, then only 3 years have passed and the statute of limitations has not run out. Why isn’t this a criminal complaint, not civil?

  9. Dan Epright says:

    Have the courts confiscate the property and turn it into a women’s shelter.

  10. From the motel reviews I see, it should be no surprise that this happened in one of Philly’s crown jewels.

  11. While tragic, the culprits are most likely low level thugs.

    Where is the story exposing pedophilia rings used by the rich and powerful? Why does the media protect them? Do some actual investigative reporting like the old days and report on this!

  12. Not much in the way of details. 2 years 1000 guys. That’s 2.7 guys per day. I guess she was just working weekends. Who rented her the room. Easy to see who was using her. Who owns the motel? How much did they charge for the room? So many questions a good reporter would have asked if they were a good reporter. Black or white? Johns black or white or other? Where was the mom or dad? More here than meets the eye

    1. Lewis Goudy says:

      “Math is hard.” –Barbie

    2. A public skoo” grajiate.

  13. She enjoyed every minute of it

    1. theotherhanddude says:

      Its pedophiles like yourself that give Human beings a bad name.

      1. To whom, stupid? Only a sociopathic misfit would be on the outside looking in the way you are.

    2. Airborne Ranger, There are men who are not worthy of breathing air and I think you are one of them. How could any human say what you said. I wish you were sent to a jail with lonely sex addicts and took you in as their Girl Friend. You need to be in a mental hospital

      My heart as a father and grandfather of beautiful young women, hurts, and I am one step away from tears when I think what men did to this child. I hope they can somehow find some of the so called men and jail them too. So sad for her.

  14. joshua says:

    pretty sure she is not qualified now to become a muslim bride….maybe that is the only good thing here…..sick stuff.

  15. Kate Craig says:

    The men who use little girls like this have a special place in hell waiting for them. Surely there were video cameras police could check to see who was using this girl. Waiting outside the door. These men are sick and to think they were in the thousands makes me wonder about mankind that it has sunk so low. Praying for this little girl, and yes, she is still a little girl, hurt and abused by men who should know better. I pray she can come out of this awfulness and live a good life.

  16. I wish this young lady a complete recovery, a life of happiness, and a lawsuit that puts the owners of this place into the poor house forever.

  17. Why are there no criminal charges against the whole mob of monsters who enslaved and raped this girl?

  18. It’s good to see #pedogate getting attention from the mainstream media. 2017 will be the year these folks will be exposed and their games stopped.

    1. Yes…. overseas, 100’s of pedo groups have been arrested, thanks to WikiLeaks. Slowly, each city is rooting them out in the US.

  19. In other words she left her single-mom home to go live with her boyfriend, and has decided at 17 to retire

  20. crankypants says:

    ah the pre-emptive “NOT ALL MEN!”

  21. Don Rhudy says:

    So why is the motel not named, and why are the defendants not named and described?

    1. theotherhanddude says:

      The motel is mentioned on the third line and there’s even a picture with the name clear to anyone that can read. Get your mom to read the story to you.

  22. Peter York says:

    I doubt there are any feminists reading this, but to those who are: no doubt you think all men would do this. I cannot imagine engaging in this…the creepiness, the harming of a child, the loathing for the other men in line, the eternal shame and guilt I’d suffer.

    I can’t imagine even wanting to. In your tiny-brain liberal bigotry don’t you dare think of me as being this kind of man.

    1. Peter, why in the h3ll are you defending yourself? Jeez, grow some balls.

  23. was the victoms blacks???

    1. Tony Tads says:

      let see Philadelphia run by blacks .
      I doubt you see whites in the neighborhood .
      you are right

  24. Dean Ayer says:

    Find a way to seize the property, criminal or civil. Auction it off and give the girl the proceeds.

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