Wolf: Pennsylvania Not Ready For Legalized Marijuana

HARRISBURG (CBS) — Governor Tom Wolf is cool to a proposal from the state auditor general to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania.

The auditor general, saying the train has already left the station, this week proposed that Pennsylvania get on board with regulating and taxing marijuana. But appearing on Pittsburgh sister station KDKA Tuesday morning, Governor Wolf panned the idea, saying the tax revenues would barely put a dent in the state’s deficit.

“I saw the report. I haven’t talked to auditor general. And I think he’s trying to be helpful in terms of the budget deficit,” Wolf said. “His calculation I think had it about $200 million. We have a $3 billion dollar deficit, so that’s not going to help.”

Wolf says he favors decriminalizing possession of small amounts of pot. But the governor says Pennsylvania should focus instead on getting up and running the medical cannabis program he pushed hard for. Ultimately, he believes Pennsylvania is not ready for legalized recreational marijuana.

“I think Pennsylvania would do right to see what happens in Colorado, Oregon, Washington,  some of the other states,” the governor said, “because they all have different approaches to this.”

A spokesman says House majority Republican leaders agree.

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One Comment

  1. Thank goodness we have a super genius as gov that knows what is good for us stupid rubes.

  2. Ron Smiley says:

    And here I was thinking of bringing my money and self back to PA. Guess it will be Massachusetts where marijuana, liberty and freedom still exist!

  3. Governor Wolfe… I hope President Trump does penalize Pennsylvania with no Federal funding for being a sanctuary state. Then let’s see how you feel about legalizing Recreational marijuana then. Real smart governor, to wait until it’s too late. One step forward (medical) and two steps back (recreational). And that’s why we will always be a backwards state. Ridiculous!

  4. Hank Maglio says:

    that’s the demos for ya,,,like hillary said,,they are fighting for you,,,one is phila. made a soda tax,,,,beer will be included,,,,this one made $1.00 tax on one pack of cigarettes,,,that’s how they fight for you,,,they don’t care about the citizens,,,he doesn’t care how many people that would help,,,if he doesn’t get lobbying in his hand,,,,he doesn’t like it,,,,but it’s also the stupid voters who will vote those two back in office,,,WHY

  5. Are you kidding me? Colorado reported 1.3 billion in revenue after 10 months in 2016, not millions. Governor Wolf is clearly out of touch and needs to go. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that our population is 12 million compared to Colorado’s 5 million. So if Colorado made 1.3 billion, then double that if not more. Then you are looking at 2.6 billion plus. Looks like it would clear the deficit of 3 million to me. Is he really that stupid? And I voted for him simply because he was for legalizing marijuana. That shows how stupid I was. I won’t make that mistake next time that’s for sure. Governor Wolfe needs to wake up and reap the profits of legalizing recreational marijuana. Why must we always be a backwards state?. I am PROUD to be an American, but not so PROUD to be a Pennsylvanian because of Governor Wolfe. Wake up Governor if you want to see a second term in office SMH!

    1. Colorado had 1.3 billion in REVENUE. Revenue is the amount of money that exchanged hands during the sale. Revenue is made up of expenses, taxes, and profits. The largest of those numbers is expenses. While I think it should be taxed, the amount that the state made was in the millions. That said, I believe the income tax, property tax of facilities, and sales tax would put the number closer to 500 million.

    2. I meant a deficit of 3 billion. Wish I could edit my comments lol!

    3. Jimmy Perry says:

      1.3 Billion sales, 200,000,000 in taxes. So the gov. was assuming the local program would be a better producer than Colorado right off the bat.

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