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30 Arrested After Flash Mob Strikes Center City Philadelphia

By Dan Wing, Trang Do, Brandon Longo and Cleve Bryan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)— At least 30 people were arrested after a flash mob of more than 100 teenagers wreaked havoc in Center City Philadelphia Monday evening.

Police say the group gathered in the area of 15th and Market Streets around 5:30 p.m., and began fighting and running in and out of traffic with no regard for others.

Police Link 3rd Incident To Del. Kidnapping Cases

Police Commissioner Richard Ross says 20 people were cited for disorderly conduct, while a few others may face more serious charges after several people were violently attacked.

“They were actually beaten, maced and claim to have even been tased,” said Ross. “We know they were assaulted for sure. We had four people, we do not know if charges will be approved on those four. So we’re trying to wait to see, but the whole thing is just idiotic.”

Kenneth Ensigm was sitting in his truck doing paperwork when he saw the rush of people, some jumping on a taxi.

Daycare Worker Accused Of Pushing Child Down Stairs

“All of a sudden I looked up and saw what looked like 200 teens running from the shops at Liberty Place area,” said Ensigm. “After the initial rush of people I started recording with my iPhone. The teens started dispersing as the police followed them on bicycles. I saw two individuals jumping on top of a parked taxi car at the corner of Ludlow and 17th Street. As the police came closer to the two individuals they jumped off the car and ran.”

The motive for the large crowd is unclear at this time. Commissioner Ross says police believe it was planned through social media.

4 Arrested After Snapchat-Planned Flash Mob Breaks Out At Philly Mall

SEPTA’s Police Chief Thomas Nestel tweeted overnight: ‘SEEKING HELP! Please know what your nugget of love is doing after school. Kids are hurting kids. Love them by making them come home.’

He went on to call the fights the worst he has seen.

Police say a female officer was injured when she fell off of her bike while responding to the mob.

“It’s not fair to the people live in Center City, it’s not fair to the people who are down there shopping and working,” said Ross. “It’s all ridiculous idiotic behavior that is inexplicable to me.”

But Ross isn’t surprised. He says flash mobs are an unfortunate by product of social media, which is how they think “Monday’s Madness” got started.

A similar incident happened last October on Temple’s campus.

Columbia researcher Desmond Patton studies teen violence and social media.  He says it’s just the latest form of kids seeking attention from their peers.

“So they use social media to meet up, use hashtags to bring each other together and engage in these risky behaviors because it’s really important to known, to be visible,” says Patton.

Due to Monday’s flash mob police stepped up their presence on Tuesday.

Ross says it falls on police, parents and educators to help young people understand what sounds cool online has real life consequences.

“It’s almost like a form of reality TV for these young people,” said the commissioner.


One Comment

  1. And people wonder why I left Philadelphia more than a decade ago…

  2. Now you understand why I am not giving up my gun.

  3. Chimps Gone Wild. Precisely why I carried a concealed firearm while working in CC. We moved far from Philthy last year and don’t miss it one bit.

    1. You’re right. They are acting like a bunch of apes with no self control, no thank to unwed mother and unwed parents who were never there to teach them right from wrong. Did you know that 72% of the criminals were child born out of wedlock? You have Democrats to thank for spend, spend, spend and tax, tax, tax us to death.

  4. The savages of Philadelphia have risen again to cause more harm and concern while that idiot Mayor Kenney and his Democratic, liberal cohorts think of a million excuses they can use to rationalize and defend the actions of these savages. So glad I recently moved to Arizona where its beautiful with gorgeous mountains, wildlife, incredible nature and civilized people, who actually work hard, pay taxes and unlike those savages running the streets of Philadelphia, obey the law! Next time just use lethal force on these savages because if they seek to hurt, maim or kill innocent people then they should be exterminated from humanity.

    1. You hit it right on the nose. No thank to Mayor Dumbo Kenney who love to taste his Irish whiskey while those bunch of uncontrollable apes goes wild and harassing people. Bring back the stock.

  5. Parentless blacks, again. Maybe we need to put something in the water in the inner city to prevent future recruits. It’s clear that the black race has no interest in solving this ongoing problem

  6. Jtom Carr says:

    The natives are restless. Use rubber bullets. Hit ’em where it hurts. Pain is the only thing they understand. Force them back to their cages, errr homes, and lock themselves in.
    Don’t use real ammo unless you shoot to kill. Don’t want to jam up the ERs.

  7. g2-687029bbb8ccbba9867442195ca0e054 says:

    “Police say the group gathered in the area of 15th and Market Streets around 5:30 p.m., and began fighting and running in and out of traffic with no regard for others.”

    This has all the hallmarks of a riot of Tea Party activists or other Trump supporters. Breitbart probably organized it.

  8. Blacks do not belong in White nations. Most blacks belong in the jungle. Seriously. Without the massive amount of White funded welfare, most blacks could not survive in North America. Whites on the other hand can thrive here while being burdened with high taxes.

  9. Arrested and convicted in an incident like this forfeit all rights to Government benefits for 5 years. 2nd conviction 10 years. No unemployment, no section 8 housing, no Snap, no student loans, no welfare benefits, No Social Security, nothing, nada, squat.

  10. Why did I know this was a bunch of feral blacks before I even read the article?

  11. looks like Black Privilege on display.

  12. ” with no regard for others.” Yep, sounds like the liberal mindset and the Obama legacy.

  13. Allen Clark says:

    People need to go to jail. They Need to find the people that start these gatherings. They can track down facebook comments and charge them for in sighting a riot. I do not care if it ruins a few careers.

  14. tngilmer says:

    Give me a shotgun and a couple of boxes of shells and I can end any flash mob. Kill more rioters and you will have less rioting.

    1. Yep. and for the liberal airhead … THAT is precisely why LARGE magazines are needed. Why give them a chance to rush when you need to reload.

  15. Every single one a democrat…..Obama built this!

  16. Mike Miller says:


    Amish punks just acting like the Asian thugs do when they get a B+ on their report card.


  17. The disgruntled negroes will not go back to Africa because the only good part was built and is managed by white people.

    The rest of Africa is dominated by blacks and is like one giant rhino turd with slaves, constant death and famine.

  18. John Xonk says:

    By CBS and the “So called main stream media” always hiding the truth about the criminals, they are actually doing them more harm than good. Since they usually get away with this, the black culture will never change.

  19. was the victoms blacks???

  20. BLM love gathering, or, 100+ black thugs riot. Either way, Philly is just another Urban Ghetto enclave of the Democratic Party.

  21. “Nugget of love”? Shouldn’t that have been Butt Nugget of love

  22. Tony Smith says:

    LBJ’s Great Society created this by incentivizing hoards of children being born out of wedlock. Thanks Democrats!

  23. Doug Davis says:

    Democrats raise little Democrats that liberalize.

  24. Steve Hollar says:

    The wild chimpanzees are at it again.

  25. mjazzguitar says:

    ∅bama sent the message that now was the time to get revenge, and misled an entire generation.

    1. swimologist says:

      “Misled”? Oh, please, more like purposeful ginned-up violent attacks on innocent people.

  26. I’m a bit puzzled by the journalistic decision to identify the perps according to ONE demographic classification : as “teenagers”, but not by that other OBVIOUS demographic classification: Black. ….If they say that it might be unfair to identify them by their race (since “not all blacks behave this way”), then why is it okay to wind up tarring all “teenagers” or all “kids” by identifying the perps according to an age classification??!?

    Shouldn’t we be on guard against age-ism just as much as racism, CBS 3 ?

  27. Samuel Green says:

    …And to think that Barack Hussein Osama bin Obama tried to disarm law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves from these savage and ill brought up thugs.

    I often wonder what side that ex President was on…. A total disgrace, people that voted him into office for his second term were stuck on stupid.

    1. John Wayne says:

      Yes exactly and they will smile and hold candle light vigils for the poor slain helpless Americans and they will slam their fists on the podium demanding that order be restored and they will do everything to ensure it will never happen again, They will hold hands and say “never again”

      How dare they even try and disarm law abiding citizens.

  28. Sally Dunbar says:

    South Africa. Who makes boats in Africa? Ocean all around, name one black boat builder in Africa. Name an astronaut, a famous farmer. Without us you clowns are dead.

    1. John Wayne says:

      Sally, before you make comments on such things please do a little research, because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      1. swimologist says:

        He’s talking about astronauts FROM Africa, DA.

  29. Its Philly, another Democrat run city.
    Yet its “white culture” that is to be hated in todays America?
    But really, who will do anything about this?

  30. Just Democrats being Democrats. Anyone of them could be Obama’s kids.

    1. Filthy inbred black thugs are the problem. Products of incestuous rape, which is why the black abortion rate is so disproportionately high.

  31. Even if the criminal blacks were able to beat a million to one odds and kill all white people, the Russians or Chinese would invade and make them slaves. I don’t even know why they try.

  32. Hey actor Samuel L. Jackson, Muthafukker, please… Think Dr. Ben Carson. Now you know why they came over in chains. Idiot. Apparently, it was for a safety issue as their comportment is highly questionable when out in public.

  33. Jim Morrison says:

    Keeping the stereotypes alive and well

  34. Diversity is soooo good for this country!!

  35. Tomas Cruz says:

    As always they left out that they were black and left wing radicals.

  36. I see it was those crazy Amish kids again.

  37. Jimmy VA says:

    0b*ma’s, Holder’s and Lynch’s People. Teen’s? LOL They’re BLACK CRIMINALS! No wonder they get shot a lot.

  38. Ira Motus says:

    No doubt about it, I’ve been conditioned to go around downtown areas and avoid shopping malls. Amazon owes these “teens” a debt of gratitude.

  39. Griff Tweed says:

    Will Loretta Lynch be charged for inciting a riot? Will she be charged if there when there is more blood and murder in the street?

  40. Peter Salt says:

    The headline should read – More Than 100 Black Kids Riot in Philly

    1. Scotty Gunn says:

      That is kind of redundant, as we all knew they were black once we read key words: Philly, flash mob, riot, violence, etc.

  41. Huck Klmdia says:

    Gasp! They were all people of color!

  42. Franko Ku says:

    Liberalism results in the exact opposite of its stated intent.
    Look at who runs cities and states with rampant crime, (undeserving) welfare, unemployment and bankrupt coffers – PROGRESSIVES. Even worse under O-BUM-mer – too bad the rotten socialist and worst POTUS and Commander-in-chief wan’t impeached for Benghazi to get re-elected.
    70% of black criminals are from one-parent families. Bet that applies to failing black kids in school as well. The degradation of the black nuclear family is the fault of DEMS and the welfare state started under Johnson and always gets new life under DEM presidents including O-BUM-mer and any Dem controlled congress. The Republicans during Clinton’s term tried to push back undeserved welfare – now it’s worse than ever. Can you imagine welfare under Sanders or Hillary?
    search: “Black progression & retrogression” by (black) Walter Williams

  43. CBS news very quickly pointed out that Trump’s travel ban order affected “majority Muslim nations,” so why not report this story as a majority black flash mob? Selective truth much.

  44. Booger Jones says:

    Had enough diversity yet?

  45. Oh,look. They are all Black. Go figure!! Whats the odds on that??

  46. Jeff Montana says:

    The quote from that truck driver is ridiculous. No way did he way actually refer to all those bipeds as teens. CBS is putting their words in his mouth. They were black people, and not all of them were teenagers.

  47. Please stop using a term that most people associate with spontaneous synchronized dancing. This was a mob… no flash… just a mob.

    1. Larry Jones says:

      More accurately known as a “pack.”

  48. Kurt Smith says:

    The tumultuous populace of large cities are ever to be dreaded. Their indiscriminate violence prostrates for the time all public authority, and its consequences are sometimes extensive and terrible.
    George Washington, 1791

  49. Sam Huston says:

    Hello from Canada.

    Black culture is very disturbing.

    1. Larry Jones says:

      Hello, neighbor.

      Actually, “Black culture” is an oxymoron.

  50. If more of these youths were in Scouting they would be better behaved.
    And if the municipal bureaucrats were less eager to badger the Scouts, more of these youths would be in Scouting.
    The Scouts donated a building to the city in return for use of a part. But the city was driven solely by “virtue signalling”. By exactly such preoccupation, the bureaucrats have fostered generations of disaffection.
    Want to blame poverty or other urban woes? Philadelphia has been under Democrat control since 1952.

  51. Feral niglets deserve to be shot by law enforcement on sight.

  52. nugget of love? More like nugget of welfare.

  53. Con Nod says:

    There is nothing more predictable, even beyond the sunrise, than the perps that appear on these “flash mob” videos. Well, maybe the fact that they all wear hoodies.

  54. The word “teens” is worn out. The media needs a new phony euphemism for niġġers.

    1. From violent criminal “youths” to “teens” to “kids,” what’s next; nigfants attacking people in the street?

  55. I was shocked to discover it wasn’t the usual white Amish riffraff; I need to stop making assumptions like that.

    1. I laughed at your comment, then realized how sad it was. My first thought when I saw the headline was “oh, n*ggers”, then was almost resigned when proven right.

  56. If we just taxed Soda this would not be happening. It is all that sugar they drink.

  57. Mark Meyer says:

    A black flash mob. Who would have thought?

  58. Why are these stories always about a mob of black people why never a mob of white people or Asian people acting like animals.

  59. Homer Wilson says:


  60. Philip Nolan says:

    Take away the free “Obama-phones” and much of this problem goes away. Without the taxpayer funded phones and internet services they would not be able to access the social media and other apps that make this possible.

  61. John Cato says:

    Usual suspects.

    Now, I wonder what causes white-flight (and every other ethnicity-flight).?

    Yep, white racism is the biggest problem in America alright.

    1. Is being intelligent enough to accurately identify the obvious and reacting in a way that protects your own self interest racsim?

      1. ‘Racism’ is the ability to clearly see reality.

  62. Keith Varela says:

    let me see…..philly and mob…race????? havent a clue….

  63. Tom Dean says:

    Every single day, across the nation, more proof that large segments of American citizens are devolving from the civilized human beings citizens of Western Civilization had become over thousands of years, to post-civilized savages.

    We are living one of those zombie movies where some ghastly plague turns much of the population into barbaric monsters.

    The difference is the plague that destroyed the minds of so many Americans is not a virus or anything like that – it’s leftist ideology under the guise of “liberalism” and “progressivism”.

    It’s a disease of the mind and soul. Liberalism is killing America and Americans.

  64. Ted Donahue says:


  65. Did Jim Kenney spring to their defense? Wouldn’t want to alienate your base, would you, Comrare Kenney?

    1. Larry Jones says:

      Aren’t those the most beautiful pistols ?

  66. Homer Wilson says:

    Wild animals running amok in Philly streets. No parents no love just animals fending off the land. Eliminate them all and do society a favor. No loss and none will be missed.

  67. Trent McKay says:

    Sorry Black folk but when you act like animals how is it you expect to be thought of as humans??

  68. BC Veel says:

    Dozens of BLACK teens…There, I fixed that for you CBS

  69. Pike Guy says:

    Honor Students I’m sure!

  70. Andy Howe says:

    The worst part is all these white kids appearing in black face. That is clearly race appropriation and an attempt at disparagement. They should make them all take baths and show their true colors. /s

    1. Steve Kiefer says:

      Whenever I see an article about mob violence like this. I play guess the race. Haven’t been wrong yet.

  71. Liberals are seeing the fruit of their years of indoctrination coming forth. You wonder if they are happy with what they see. If their expectation is chaos in order to set the stage for global governance, they have got to be satisfied. They will never get there without shutting down American society and government.

  72. Mike Burns says:

    Freaking animals. Blame the parents for not being parents. This is what the ‘Cradel to Grave” welfare system breeds.Let’s hope Trump puts an end to it.

    1. ilovevictoriasbows says:

      Parent(s)? Even calling the mama the parent is a stretch.

  73. Missouri just passed a Constitutional Concealed Carry law. My entire family is moving to Missouri. We refuse to be attacked by mobs in the streets of America without a legal right to self defense. Consider your own state’s laws.

  74. “Kids”..are they a bunch of baby goats…Whatever happened to the dog whistle “TEENS”..WHERE DID THE “TEENS” GO ..??

  75. Don Stickney says:

    Examples of ‘Resist’ and ‘Blood In The Streets’ that former AG Loretta Lynch was calling for?

  76. Need to put these animals on a chain gang breaking rocks for their daily bread.They are never going to amount to anything anyway..except possibly organ doners

  77. Keith Panco says:

    Day was jus on they way to college or theys grandma’s. Day didunt do nuffin.

    1. Tony Tads says:

      the same problem as mr brown in Ferguson all those college bound highly education. teens.
      they were just out for run.

  78. John Hill says:

    Hmmm they all seem to be of a particular race. Philly must be doing something right, just like all the other US inner cities run by Democratic mayors for decades. What did the Baltimore mayor say when the blacks were rioting, something like they justified in needing to get their anger out?!?!?!?!? I guess this is their cathartic group therapy. Maybe it’s being organized by those socialist community organizers, social activists, and social workers who feel blacks are being oppressed. Maybe the Baltimore or Chicago mayors could be brought in as consultants.

  79. Stan Pinkus says:

    When LIBERALS wake up we should STERILIZE and ELIMINATE VOTING privileges for all families (mother, father (if he can be found-else cut the benefits in 1/2), and children) living off any type welfare (food, housing, homeless, living, …) for over 6 months. This would eventually lead to an end of poverty, crime and make the future better instead of perpetuating the problem as we’ve been doing since the 1960’s

  80. The problem is that there’s no real punishment for crimes like this anymore. The process for getting a jury to convict almost never happens, so, as long as people refuse to cut deals with prosecutors, there’s little likelihood that they’ll be punished. Part of the reason for this is that way too many jurors demand extraordinary evidence, when their real mindset is that they don’t want to convict at all.

  81. The “dindu nuffins” gang strikes again. Death, destruction and chaos follow wherever they go.

  82. It’s those d@mn Amish kids again!

  83. Feral apes fit for nothing in decent society.

    1. Larry Jones says:

      You got it, Guns.

      “They f***ed up the Corps when they let women, dogs and n****s in.”

  84. Neo Diver says:

    Every “Teen” that becomes part of a disruptive group and refuses to leave the area should be arrested and serve time incarcerated.
    Letting them off with a slap on the wrist will only lead to a higher and higher level of violence.
    This is just like Jimmie Carter paying a ransom for the very first airline hijacking.
    We know how many people died as a result of his cowardly response.

  85. Larry Jones says:

    NAPAs , as usual.

  86. Thos Hagen says:

    Hundred to one odds this is a result of Loretta Lynch’s comments for people to go out into the streets and shed blood.

  87. Young Democrats. Probably sad that Obama’s War on White People is over.

  88. Paul King says:

    Time for the more civilized ethnic groups to arm and isolate.

  89. i bet soros had something to do with it, i heard he and obama have donated 3 million or 3 billion into groups that oppose the new administration.

  90. James Cygnus says:

    I guess “kids” is the new cover word for liberals/ctrl-left media to soften the behavior of *adult* aged “people of color” that commit crimes like this, sort of like “immigrant” is used for illegal aliens.

  91. Time to put arsenic or coumadin in their grape drank. Eradicate these Democrat feral skunk apes.

  92. These kids seem to believe they have some sort of RIGHT to be angry and Destructive…….They act like they are in Training for Prison when they grow older, Some make it , other’s are Buried!!!!!

  93. googles ruin all. don’t bet the future “happening” will be avoided

  94. Black kids, always leave that part out. I don’t see 100+ white teens rampaging through cities, just these “Yoofs”.

  95. No mention of race but of course the short video clears that up. Why aren’t we surprised.

  96. Those white scandinavian teens must be stopped !

  97. timefortrump says:

    I grew up in the suburban Philly area but I left and moved to a safer place in 2011. I used to visit down town Philly now and then but even in the early 2000’s Philly started being not a safe place to be if you were White. It used to just be North and West Philly that were like that but the lack of safety spread to formerly safe areas even in the day time.

    I am much happier now living in a place where we don’t have feral packs of “teens” rioting and attacking property and White people.

  98. Faise Booke says:

    These children of the Obama years are savages….

  99. Just mow down the googles

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