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Trump Supporters Chant ‘Lock Her Up’ When Hillary Clinton Announced At Inauguration

WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) — Some Donald Trump supporters chanted “Lock her up” when Hillary Clinton was announced on the inauguration stage Friday.


The chant was popular among supporters during Trump’s campaign. During one presidential debate, Trump even suggested Clinton should be in jail over her email controversy while secretary of state.

Clinton says she’s attending Trump’s inauguration to “honor our democracy.”

Clinton made the comment on Twitter Trump took the oath of office. Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton are both in attendance.

Protesters Smash Windows, Police Use Pepper Spray Just Blocks From Trump’s Inauguration

Here’s what Clinton is saying: “I’m here today to honor our democracy & its enduring values. I will never stop believing in our country & its future.”

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One Comment

  1. I heard no such chants from my seat at my TV. If i were there and I heard it I probably would have joined in. But I would today be somewhat ashamed.

  2. rufusvondufus says:

    The “Lock her up” chants were very subdued, much unlike what the Obama supporting ignoramous dems did to Bush in ’09. I did not feel one bit sorry for Clinton as she was treated very gently. Liberal Dem’s basically are uneducated P’sOS and they prove it almost daily!

  3. I never heard the crowd booing or saying, “Lock her up.” The press must have really worked hard to hear those few people. Also, I noticed that Obama was not booed by the Right as Bush was by the Left.

  4. Funny thing is Hillary’s investigation is still going on, so she’s not out of the woods yet…..she still may see jail time….ahahahha lol

  5. Carl Ball says:

    she is just a passing blip through history now. we will see the foundation shut down as donations will disappear and also speaches as they have no power to do what they want for that cash! i for see both parting ways within a few years! bill heading to the isle of pedophiles with his billionaire buddy and hillary who knows like sinead oconner shave her head and become a nun. lol

  6. Just throw water on her…………….

    1. Lloyd Coskey says:

      Trump said “lock her up” was just campaign rhetoric. On his first day in office he said he would appoint a special prosecutor to indite Clinton. Was that the truth or a lie? YOU know.

      1. Carl Ball says:

        he means what he says! and if he puts the head of the committee to investigate it will go in front of a grand jury, then all bets are off on both, but they must also fear a irs audit of that foundation without obama to hide it! he could also be in trouble with that fast and furious fiasco as he hid the truth of his and holders hand in it!

  7. “honor our democracy” – maybe she could have done that by living up to her oath of office instead of turning it into pay-for-play and exposing top secret material on her home-brew server

  8. Max McByte says:

    She, hubby and Clinton foundation members will be lucky to go to prison.


    All that payoff money that they took from “mafioso partners” and now that they have no access to the Presidential power leaves their partners burned big time.

    Rocko the bone crusher/boogey-man/executioner has been instructed to collect, along with the Vig.

    If they do not cough-up the doe – then they must go – to set an example.

    Watch for an unfortunate accident to happen to them.

    Have a nice day…

  9. Better yet if President Trump had only used the word ‘deplorables’ in his inauguration speech. It would have been rewarding to see the Corruption Queen squirm like the worm she is.

    1. Carl Quick says:

      Lock them all up. Politicians are thieves.
      WHAT IS TAXED d ot c om

  10. Jack Riley says:

    Note that the Clinton foundation slush fund disappeared right after Hillary had no more political favors to sell.

  11. Hillery ROTTEN Clinton belongs in a BODY BAG and NOT the oval office!!!!!!

    1. Had she actually been elected it would have been the offal office.

    2. Greg Harris says:

      Let me make myself clear. I believe that Hillary should be investigated. I believe that if a fair, impartial and complete investigation is done there will be charges forthcoming and she likely will be locked up if there is any justice in this world, but that is in serious doubt itself.

      That said, this was not the time or place to do that. It was rude, tawdry and wrong. Shame on them. They owe her an apology. That took away from the solemnity and dignity of the day and it should not have happened.

    3. Greg Harris says:

      I am no Clinton fan – read my other comment (if I make more it will be other comments) but you are wrong for saying this. I believe a proper investigation will result in charges and if there’s any justice she will be convicted and will do time. I do not believe that we have any right to go around suggesting she should be killed. In fact I suggest making such comments about a former First Lady might earn you a visit from the Secret Service and strongly advise that if you really think anyone should be killed you might want to get some mental counseling. I can understand that you’re upset – I am too. But you are expressing very unhealthy thoughts and feelings. If this persists, seek help.

  12. Iza Koon says:


    1. Which ones? They, not just their lovers, come in all races and sexes. Don’t you really know the meaning of the N word? It’s color blind. It means a person without worth. I can think of a bunch of people in all races of people that fit that description.

  13. Pat Cos says:

    I didn’t hear anyone chanting Lock Her Up. Is this more fake news?

  14. Grizz Mann says:

    To “honor our democracy.” That is why she lost. We are a Republic.

  15. Roe Bauer says:

    Bill and Hillary are closing down their Foundation in Fear of Trump. Also all these countries have sent Reps asking for their Money Back.

    The Clinton’s are living in Total Fear that the New AG Jeff Sessions is coming for them.

    So If they get locked up it will be a Boone to the Nation….Justice is Served…..!!!!

    That’s what a Republic is, a Nation Ruled by Laws..!!! Democracy is Mob Rule…!!!

    1. We ALL Reap What We Sow !

    2. Take the money from the Foundation and pay down the National Debt with it. It won’t do much but they won’t get it and those who contributed to it won’t get it back either. That alone is a win win.

  16. Neuro Mancer says:

    Simply locking her up is way too good for her.

  17. What is this “democracy” leftist often speak of when referring to the United States? Have they not read Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution?

    1. Roe Bauer says:

      It’s called Tell that Lie Enough Everyone will believe it…!!!

  18. Mark Burns says:

    Lock her useless a– up!

  19. I didn’t support Hillary and I’m glad she isn’t president and Trump is. That said she showed up and paid respect to the office. She should have received the same respect back. This was not the time or place to blast Hillary.

    1. I agree with the sentiment but that was not the time or place.

    2. Steve Hollar says:

      I agree. I can’t stand the woman and loved Trump’s speech, but, this was not the place to be chanting that. It made that group look small, and the rest of us Trump supporters by association.

    3. I didn’t see any respect on her part. What I did see was her fake campaign stupid grin when she though someone was looking. Michelle on the other hand really showed her true colors. What a pathetic outfit she wore and her hair was a mess. Glad I don’t have to look at either of them any longer.

  20. Zane Ryker says:

    and now….. Hill and Bill are off to Comet Pizza to pick up a TO GO order of Pasta with Cheese for their BFF Johnny P.

  21. Hahaha…..I like the clip, going around today, showing Hillary catching Willy checking out Ivanka.

    1. I caught that as well. If he had been a little closer I am certain he would have jumped her bones or at least got a feel.

  22. The Russians used a jedi mind trick on the public today, Even made Shummer say we have enemy’s domestically. And he is right. Drain the swamp and start with Soros

  23. Steve Hollar says:

    As much as I loved his speech, the “lock her up” chant was totally inappropriate during the inauguration.

    1. Jeff Lucas says:

      As much as I am glad she did not win, agreed. Classless.

      Stay Classy America….

  24. If hillary thinks this is bad, wait till she wakes up in hell some day…

  25. Keyser Soze says:

    Can’t say I’m a Hillary fan, but I do give her credit for showing up today. The path of least resistance would have been to skip the inauguration, the way so many of those lefties in the legislature did.

  26. Joe Smith says:

    i detest Hillary Clinton, but kudos for her to show up at this ceremony, and it’s disappointing that the crowd was so déclassé, which is the kind of behavior so often associated with the left in the U.S.

    We won, but have some class people! Quit acting like leftist jerks!

    1. Lynne Marino says:

      Totally agree. Show some class.

    2. Jay Barbieri says:

      Detest is not good enough.
      She is a criminal in the worst way.
      Do you ‘detest’ El Chapo?

  27. Let’s see and hear the audio/video of these supposed chants. Or is this going to be another one of those magical, imaginary events like when John Lewis didn’t have racial epithets hurled at him as he and some pundits lied?

    Of course, as I recall the January 20, 2009 inauguration, supporters of a certain newly sworn President embarrassed the country by booing outgoing President Bush. I think booing a former president beats mocking an unindicted Secretary of State. And I’d call it a precedent as well. But I don’t recall any of the same oh-so-concerned media figures of today giving a damn about the boos of Bush in 2009.

    So, pardon me, but your gross partisanship is showing,just like it’s shown for years. And now we don;t give a damn what you think.or what you say, because you’ve squandered your objectivity and trustworthiness.

  28. Mark Mach says:

    She should be treated just like you and me. Investigate and prosecute or let it go. And if a protester throws a rock, throw a rock back. An eye for an eye…..

  29. Lock her up !
    No one is above the law !
    She’s pure evil and everyone knows it.

  30. Eric Koch says:

    Sean Rich, Braverman, Monica Peterson, Serena Shim, Chris Stevens, Marc Turi, The D.C. Madam, Ude Ulfkotte…..and on and on and on and on. They could fill the Marinas Trench with the missing and the dead.

  31. Bruce Allan says:

    Must be all that popular vote speaking ;)

  32. Since I am on the Philadelphia news site and Philadelphia was just announced as the most “Rat Infested City” in the nation I will offer some advice.

    Garbage cans instead of plastic bags. The rats can’ chew through garbage cans.

    It’s that simple.

    1. Jack Davis says:

      STEEL garbage cans. Rats CAN chew through Rubbermaid. Of course, in Philly, it’s STEAL garbage cans.

  33. Stu Pedasso says:

    Looks to me like the Clintons would rather be almost anywhere else, like maybe having a root canal. Of course I could be wrong.

  34. Joe Boltonn says:

    I was watching the NBC feed on YOU TUBE and heard nothing…If anyone did it, that was disrespectful to the occasion. Low class.

  35. Ty Roark says:

    Hillary looked like she was already in the bag, hope Bill can pour her back into the car.

  36. Ben Jones says:

    I would not be surprised to see the real birth certificate of Obama show up.
    Why didn’t Obama give Hillary a pardon?
    Why didn’t Obama give a pardon to all the dreamers?
    When do the mass deportations start?

  37. Zane Ryker says:

    Oh well, I probably would not have screamed LOCK HER UP!, but to merge a few of Hillary’s past comments in history…. “I certainly can’t be responsible for every pi55ed off “deplorable” in the country.” Good riddance Crooked Hillary!

  38. Sing to the tune of that famous show……

    Just sit right back
    And you’ll hear a tale,
    A tale of a terrible Wench,
    That started from a Hillbilly town,
    Aboard this tiny ship

    The mate was a mighty liar woman,
    The skipper a womanizing puke.
    Key passengers set sail that day,
    For a three decade loop..
    A three decade loop

    The politics started getting rough,
    The tiny ship was tossed
    If not for the blaming of the fearless crew
    The Clinton would be lost
    The Clinton would be lost

    The ship set aground on the shore
    Of this eeevil Isle DC
    With Billigan and Hitillery too
    Lotta billionaires and their wives,

    The movie stars,

    Podesta and Aberdin —
    Here on Billigans Isle!

    1. Keith Varela says:

      pretty good fred…

    2. Here, I cleaned it up for you so it rolls off the tongue better.

      Just sit right back
      And you’ll hear a tale,
      A tale of a terrible Wench,
      That started in a Hillbilly town,
      Aboard our nation’s ship
      The mate was a lyin’ woman bit.h,
      Her hubby a horn-dog puke.
      We unwilling passengers set sail that day,
      For a three decade poop..
      A three decade poop
      The politics started getting rough,
      Our tiny ship was tossed
      If not for the blaming of their fearless crew
      The Clintons would be lost
      The Clintons would be lost
      Our ship set ground on the shore
      On the eeevil Isle DC
      With Billigan and Hitillery too
      Some Millionaires and their wives,
      Some movie stars,
      The Podesta and Aberdin
      Right here on Democrat Isle!

  39. Bokshil Kim says:

    The Republican Party won by a landslide and have the mandate to do the peoples bidding. That does not include playing nice to the Democrats or liberal progressives.

    Republicans crushed the Democrats because we the people were tired of their progressive and open border policies. It is time, the NEW Republican party, take control and ignore the leftist who seems to hate everything America was founded on.

    Out of 3,141 counties….. Trump won 3,084 of them!
    Hillary only won 57 counties in the entire U.S.
    That’s why we have the Electoral College.

  40. Hillary running for mayor of new york will send the city further in the toilet she’ll be in prison before that happens.

  41. Bokshil Kim says:

    I have only one thing to say “CHUCK U SCHUMER”

    1. Yes Kim, oh yes. Chuckie Schumer is a cancer on the rear end of the Senate. Chuckie and Creepy Uncle Joe Biden were responsible for white-washing the Senate investigation into the holocaust at Waco on April 19, 1993, covering for Hillary Clinton’s participation into ordering the assault and murder of 26 innocent children, and dozens of women, two who were pregnant. THAT is the real Hillary Clintons attitude towards women and children. If they get in our way, we gas them, let them burn, shoot them as they come out, and run over their bodies with tanks. Lock her up forever.

      1. Mr. Mayfield, that was Janet Reno. If you are going to accuse her, get your facts RIGHT first. And as for Hillary, she did walk away with 2.8 MILLION more votes than Crooked Don, so you classless deplorables showed your true colors today by shouting at her. I can’t wait until he sticks it you all of you. You have been conned, instead of listening to what a president needs for qualification, which he lacks all of those qualities. Plus he has the lowest rating of any incoming president. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it because you are going to need something to recover from your bad decisions.

      2. Sorry Walter this is for Lee Maidana Kuhl. So you, like Hillary, don’t believe in following Constitutional law. Don’t you mean 2.8 Million rigged votes? That’s what they were. That’s why we have an Electoral College not that you were bright enough to know. Did you ever stop to consider in your mindless rant that you are wishing yourself trouble in the future? No, no one is going to go after you unless they are dumber than you but what happens to the rest of us and our nation is going to happen to you. If that happens, which it won’t, at least I will have the consolation that you will be right there suffering with the rest of us. But I will say that people under stress don’t tolerate mindless screaming whiners like infants on an aircraft so you might want to grow up a bit and reign in your gross stupidity.

  42. Bobby McGehe says:

    We are a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy! Lock her up.

  43. Rich Shawn says:

    good bye and good luck cankles… U are going yo need it

  44. Ben Turpin says:

    We could have done without that, guys. From now on let’s take the high road. It lends so much more dignity and credibility to our cause. What happens now between the right and the left is not so different from the Reconstruction after the Civil War. We have to ultimately drag the left back to reality and common sense kicking and screaming.

    1. Dignity returned when President Trump placed his hand on the Bible.
      Hillary got booed and chanted-at during the Obamanation, and that’s a Good Thing.

    2. Sorry Ben Every time a Republican comes into office they ask for bi-partisanship. Democrats always bite the hand of the Republican. They always have and always will. Now we do it our way. Now we do it the right way. Now we do it for Americans. The sooner democrats come to grip with the fact that we don’t need them maybe, but not probably, they will stop with the identity politics of the leftist leaders that do nothing for them. Just like Republicans said NO MORE, to the establishment RINO’s. Your friendly democrats are at this moment protesting and tearing down Washington DC. It’s time to show them the hand of tough love. If the democrat party will allow democrats to clean house, then and only then, should we give them a part in our new America. They don’t care about you at all Ben. We have turned our cheeks to the left and they slapped us at every turn. We only have two cheeks Ben. They only care about themselves and their ideology so I say let’s give them some of their own medicine..

  45. Bob Redman says:

    May the HIllary thing have a long life and suffer every minute of it.

  46. I don’t approve of booing anyone at such a ceremony. But lest we take from this article the false impression that Trump supporters are a new form of yahoo, we should also note that, 8 years ago today, the crowd booed outgoing President Bush, while they did not boo Obama today.

    1. And the big difference in your observation. Hillary, not Obama, was the candidate that used all of her lies and conniving to get elected. She didn’t consider the Constitution or the Electoral Vote and that was her big mistake. That’s why she got booed and it must have been small. I have reviewed the inauguration during the time specified several times from several video sources and didn’t hear one boo. This may actually be fake news.

  47. Lock her up!

    LOL at Hillary wanting to “honor our democracy”

    The only one she cares about is herself.


  48. I voted against Hillary, but I was a little put out at the boos …

  49. the clintons are sociopaths and feel no shame only envy and disappointment

  50. Second-best gift of the day to the American People?
    No pardon for Hillary Milhaus Felon.

  51. You’ve got to love the Normal-American Community!
    Lock Her Up!

  52. Where’s the Smirnoff?

  53. Investigate her bribes, take the information to either the courts, or her lawyers, and pad her cell.

  54. I watched the entire thing ad did not hear that. I supposed it depends on where you were watching.

  55. Ty Roark says:

    I agree this was not the place, but on the campaign trail is also not the place to call 50% of America Deplorable so……

    1. After decades of putting up with Clinton Cr@p, this was the last, best opportunity to tell them to shove it up their baracks. Scroo ’em.

      And it’s looking like there will be no pardon shield, so I’m not quite tired of winning just yet.

  56. stansikorski says:

    If any one of us “regular folks” did anything close to what she and the cabal she belongs to have done, we would find ourselves in lockup for years just getting to trial. And yet she and (((they))) are free to walk the streets and plot their next scams. THAT has got to stop.

  57. I almost (notice I said almost) feel sorry for her. She looks devastated and on the verge of a breakdown. That’s karma for you. The DNC must accept the fact that if they had anointed someone else in the primary and not sabotaged Bernie Sanders, they might have had a chance.

  58. Lib Serum says:

    I don’t like HRH Hillary, but for crying out loud it was classy and important for her and her husband to be there. So don’t let low life libs set the tone. Rise above it.

    1. I think that method has been tried for fat too long. The left is just like Islamic terrorist. They have no respect for ” rising above it” and only perceive it as cowardice.

  59. Tom Thomason says:

    Check it out! The Bush and Clinton dynasty in one photo…taken down by one man.

  60. Lynne Marino says:

    Can we all just grow up a little? This is so unnecessary, as it was when they sang, “Hey, hey, hey, goooodbye” when Bush left office. This isn’t high school, America. These people have worked and sacrificed. Respect that. You don’t have to agree, but use some manners, please.

  61. The sour puss look on rapist Slick Willie and lying, crooked Hillary’s face is priceless.

  62. Ed Cole says:

    So, did PhuxtainHussein give her a pardon?

  63. DianeMaree says:

    I’m surprised that the Clinton’s had the audacity to show up today. I noted that no one was talking to her.

  64. This is the time to act like an adult. I am relieved and happy that our country is spared from Hillary. If I want to show my ass about Hillary and her many faults, I will do it with friends tonight, not at an inauguration ceremony.

  65. James Wong says:

    “Lock her up!” — now that’s cold and inappropriate, but well-deserved and funny.

  66. Jack Frost says:

    Yes, Hillary SHOULD face trial for both her betrayal of national security AND for the monetary graft / corruption implicit in her “pay to play” actions as SOS. BUT… today, right now, is NOT the time to do it – “chill” for a graceful period. No, she should NOT get a free pass for her overt, serious misdeeds, BUT don’t make it look petty by the way/time it happens.

  67. Brett Reefer says:

    Although she should be in jail, this is not the forum do chant this.

  68. Tom Thomason says:

    She doesn’t look too happy.

  69. Not a supporter of Ms. Clinton but, it takes guts to show up at the inauguration of your arch enemy. Now its up to President Trump. Good speed!

    1. Tom Thomason says:

      Not showing up would rly be worse.

  70. JC Williams says:


  71. Hand her over to our enemies who gave her money to betray America.

  72. Jon Galt says:

    She is a criminal, she should be locked up.
    Today is such a wonderful day, Trump banished Hillary and will ERASE the damage done by baraka hussein.

  73. I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton by ANY stretch of the definition..

    But that was definitely uncalled for…

    Show some dignity, Trumpians….

    1. tittiger says:

      You are right. She should have been arrested on the spot and held without bail.

    2. Gene Smith says:

      Oh BS. She needs to be drummed down and humiliated without end. We must never pass up a chance to humiliate and shame her. Maybe she will end up doing herself in.

  74. Ha ha ha ha ha! Now THAT’S a PROTEST! Also, no pardon for YOU Hillary, sez Barack! She won’t sleep for weeks.

  75. Even the dimmest Deplorable has to understand Trump will not lock up Clinton. They were played for fools.

    1. Trump won’t lock her up… federal court will.

    2. Churyl Minne says:

      Even the “dimmest Deplorable” is still smarter than they pseudo-intellectuals passing themselves off as Democrats. Hillary lost. That’s a fact. Get over it.

    3. Trump has already stated that he has no intention of creating an investigation into Hillary or the Foundation. He made that statement not long after the election. So sorry folks, you have been had. There’s will be no locking up Hillary, for there’s will be no investigation so there will be no charges.

  76. I would have preferred an alternative venue for the outburst, but I fully agree with the sentiment.

  77. Golden Rudy says:

    Chucky Schumer speaking right now. I am puking!

  78. tittiger says:

    Since when do we live in a democracy? When hell freezes over you damn witch!

  79. Austin Hime says:

    So sad for her /sarc

  80. John Beball says:

    April 30, 1789 – the first Presidential Inauguration. The Presidential Inauguration is a time to celebrate the victory of America. America – the idea and ideal. America – the exceptional experiment that has lasted for more than 240 years. Today the 44th person will mark the 45th peaceful transfer of power. The longest current streak for any nation, and one of the longest in human history.
    Inauguration day is not a day of celebrating or protesting a victory for or over Democrats, Republicans, Federalists, or Whigs, but a day to celebrate the longest running experiment in self-governance.

  81. can’t say I believe in this sort of behavior BUT given the treatment of Trump by the entire Media, ALL the Democrats and various groups of VIOLENT Liberal supporting thugs, I must say it is at least understandable.

  82. Bill Vogel says:

    But, but, but she DESERVED to be POTUS! They owed it to her! It was supposed to be her coronation!

    It is totally great to see her having to be there. I am sure the 4 or 5 martinis helped!

  83. Classless. And I think she should be put on trial. Just not the time or place. I wonder how much to trust media reports – one person yelling or a thousand? You just don’t know anymore.

  84. mconsultingllcnet says:

    As much as I despise Hillary Clinton. She was first lady of the United States and this is the wrong time for such remarks or chants. Today is Donald Trumps day and she came to honor him as 45 President.

    1. No… Hillary showed up to salvage her political career.
      She will be running for Mayor of NYC soon.

      Same old Hillary. It’s ALL about her.

      1. Bruce Allan says:

        Here’s what Clinton is saying: “I’m here today to honor our democracy & its enduring values. I will never stop believing in our country & its future.”

        When do the shipments of manure stop? When you turn the major networks off!

      2. Thos Hagen says:

        This may be true, but I think she’d be better than DeBlasio (or Emmanuel). And now that she’s “touched base” with President Trump, perhaps she could learn about governing a city instead of ‘simply’ voting on legislation as a senator. I voted for Trump and I know about her history, but I’d never say that she was morally worse than her husband. After all, had he never met with Loretta Lynch at Sky Harbor, she’d probably be president today.

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