Chrysler Unveils Selfie-Taking Concept Car

By Peter Valdes-Dapena

LAS VEGAS (CNN) — What do Millennials want from a car? Selfies, naturally.

Chrysler unveiled its Portal concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show Tuesday, and it has a long list of features based on 20 years of research into exactly what Millennials want from a car, according to Fiat Chrysler.

Technology is at the center of it all, starting with the Portal’s plug-in ports for the mobile devices belonging to every passenger in the car.

So the car can take a photo of everyone riding in all six seats — which is critical for any road trip — and then send the image to everyone’s devices so it can be shared on social media.

Music is also a big part of the driving experience for these important potential customers, so the Portal lets everyone in the car share songs and videos to create a single playlist for everyone to listen to. Even cooler, the car’s stereo has “zoned audio” that lets each passenger listen to different things without using headphones. The same technology can also amplify specific external sounds for the driver, such as the siren of an approaching ambulance.

A shared display screen in the van’s ceiling allows occupants to put together a combined playlist with tracks from all the occupants’ personal devices, according to Fiat Chrysler. It can also be used for things like putting together a drive-through dinner order. In fact, the car can even pay for those fries and shakes by securely linking to the payment information.

The interior is fully customizable, of course. Interior LED accent lighting can be changed to any color — a feature available on some cars today — and the seats can be moved back and forth on tracks and even removed entirely to create more storage space.

With cameras mounted on the outside of the vehicle, the Portal can use facial recognition software to recognize various people approaching the vehicle. That way, the car’s interior and entertainment features can be automatically customized to best suit them.

The Portal is all-electric with a range of 250 miles on a full charge, to accommodate Millennials’ environmental mindset. With fast charging, it can go 150 miles after just 20 minutes of charging.

While the Portal is capable of limited self-driving, the driver is expected to be able to take over at any time, so the vehicle still has a steering wheel and pedals. The steering wheel folds away into the dashboard when not in use.

Since this is just a concept car, it’s not clear of the car on display at CES can actually do any of the things Fiat Chrysler says it can. The company has not revealed any plans to actually produce a vehicle like the Portal.

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One Comment

  1. More pictures of thugs robbing and beating people of other races.

  2. Sayit Once says:

    Most intelligent car owners would much prefer to have a camera taking pictures of the thugs who are approaching the car to either mug the owner or to take his car outright. Honestly, the priorities are sorely depreciated in this generation.

  3. “The car can take a photo of everyone riding in all six seats” to share on social media. Or, it can take a photo of the driver and five empty seats, which you can share to show everyone how desperately alone you are.

  4. And they all get participation awards at the end of every trip, plus the car periodically tells them how fun and awesome they are.

  5. Alt Bart says:

    Completely useless narcissistic features. Undoubtedly connected to the internet violating your privacy every minute just so you can post pictures to wastebook. I’d rather drive a 1965 Plymouth Valiant with extensive rust than this car for idiots.

  6. Sam Jones says:

    Maybe we can have these cars drive on their own streets–away from the rest of us. Can you imagine the demolition derby?

  7. Apparently we do not have sufficient road deaths by distracted drivers, according to Chrysler…

  8. Road trip car, but you have to stop every two hours to recharge…after finding a charging station.

  9. But the question is…will their mommy and daddy’s they live with and support them, buy one for them?

    Maybe after the Trump revolution they will have good jobs…but with that new maturity, they may realize how moronic such an idea is.

    Have the dummy’s at Chrysler realized that messing with your phone while driving/riding and having a car load of young people all bouncing to the beat of a loud song and striking poses for selfies together could potentially be a hazard?

    “It can also be used for things like putting together a drive-through dinner order. In fact, the car can even pay for those fries and shakes by securely linking to the payment information.”

    Add eating some fast food to the mix…and how awesome!

    So, at what point does the driver take control?

    We cant do math or remember a phone number in our head anymore. Now we wont even be able to drive.

    Why dont we just skip the self driving cars and get to work on teleporting? Oh yea, hard to take a selfie and eat french fries while having your molecular structure disassembled and reassembled….might end up with a french fry fused to an eyeball and the smart phone in the colon.

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