‘God Made Me Bulletproof,’ Atlanta Rapper Tweets After He’s Shot Again

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS) — If a cat has nine lives, how many does a rapper have?

CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL reports aspiring rapper Yung Mazi is recovering after being shot inside a Waffle House restaurant in Atlanta early Tuesday morning.

Police say Mazi was waiting to order food when someone opened fire and he was shot in the chest.

Hours after the shooting Yung Mazi tweeted, “God made me bulletproof.”

The rapper claims he’s been shot multiple times during the course of his life, including once in the head. Mazi said in an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes posted to YouTube in June that he had been shot 10 previous times.

In the interview, Mazi said that he “keeps getting shot” in part due to his skin tone, the fact that “some people don’t like real dudes,” as well as the expensive accessories he wears.

Police said there were no suspects in custody.



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  1. Will Jamison says:


    Someone please remember to write that on his tombstone. I’ll give him six months max.

  2. what, no protests? Where is the crowd that usually protests such obvious targeting of a minority? Doesn’t this black life matter?

  3. Fake news. We all know that Waffle house is a gun free zone so it would have been impossible for anybody to be shot there.

  4. Kent Lemon says:


    You are a f*****G MAGNET for bullets, half-wit!

  5. Wait, there is always “Lucky Number 13…”

  6. And these are the fruits of Leftism…. That people are put back to the street, learning ZERO lessons.
    That is why we need to do two things:
    1. Make Prison suck again, Hard Labor and you live in Tent City’s.
    2. Require actual Hard Time for crime, instead of some areas you get out in 6 years for murder etc.
    3. Stop Illegal Immigration, because people will no longer want to go to prison, and so they are going to need jobs.
    Conclusion, society saved…..

  7. Carl Mayo says:

    as a christian, i have to say: yung mazi may be absolutely correct. God may be protecting him for a special purpose. let’s pray that he discovers that purpose and fulfills it soon.

    1. Are you serious? The only special purpose God has for this guy is a complete repentance from his walk of life and a complete surrender to God’s Word. Other than that, HELL is his destination.

  8. He needs to run with a better crowd … or move to a nicer neighborhood.

  9. Even the fast NAPA will eventually spring leaks by man’s gun.
    Enjoy it while it lasts….

  10. Fred Garvin says:

    Give me a shot and I’ll prove you and your God wrong.

  11. “Spotted horse cannot be killed by a bullet.” Old Russell Crow movie.

  12. Bob Suyak says:

    I wonder what he thinks a “real dude” is, a dude with a stupid mouth?

  13. Kim A Kirk says:

    11 times? Doesn’t sound very “bulletproof” to me.

  14. Umm, this is fake news. Waffle Houses are gun free zones so this could not have happened.


  15. “If a cat has nine lives, how many does a rapper have?” Nine too many?

  16. Sam Huston says:

    Hello from Canada. Black culture is very disturbing.

  17. Ed Cole says:

    Yes. Yes, you are bulletproof. You are totally invulnerable to bullets. You should continue proving this fact as often as possible.

  18. arthur4563 says:

    Anyone who rids the world of a rapper deserves our praise. Aim better,you guys. You’re embarrassing all of us music lovers.

  19. “Bulletproof” means that the bullets don’t actually reach you, dummy. You’re more of a “Bullet Magnet.”

  20. “Not even God can sink this ship.”

  21. Are all these assailants Storm Troopers or what?

  22. It will be 12th time unlucky.

    As the IRA used to say to the British public when a bombing was averted ….. “We only have to be lucky once, you have to be lucky every time.”

    Of course in many cases they were successful as were their opposition the UVF.

    The backers of both sides in “the troubles” never did pay for those crimes. Without those backers the number of deaths would have been far less on all sides.

  23. 11 times, dude it might be your “music” really sucks, but that is some harsh criticism.

  24. Jason Roamer says:

    He says he thinks he keeps getting shot because of his skin tone. Now that you mention it……
    Colored do seem to die of hot lead poison quite often.

  25. Vox Veritas says:

    “God made me bulletproof.”

    It’s more likely that his attackers made themselves really bad trigger men.

    1. Jason Roamer says:

      Prob more accurate to say he is “bullet resistant’ than to say “bullet proof”.

  26. Mark Em says:

    it goes to show that the dude just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. i think it is purely a coincidence.

  27. Fred Garvin says:

    It just proves that emergency medical care is very good, and he’s not very observant.

  28. I’m sure he has comprehensive medical insurance…..taxpayer funded no doubt.

  29. bandit08 says:

    Yung Mazi is recovering after being shot inside a Waffle House restaurant in Atlanta early Tuesday morning.

    You can’t make this stuff up

  30. John Jupiter says:

    still a low life pavement ape

  31. Tony Konte says:

    Not exactly sharp shooters

  32. Rapper Shot For 11th Time; ‘God Made Me Bulletproof’…

    Until you get one in the skull…..

  33. Fed Up says:

    “…he’s been shot multiple times during the course of his life, including once in the head.”

    Well, that would explain his talent for rap.

  34. Fed Up says:

    including once in the head.

  35. no, dummy…it’s because the shooters were bad shots, that’s all.

  36. John Diamond says:

    So it has nothing to do with rap or the THUG life? SMH

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