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Woman, 102, Says Secret To Long Life Is ‘Don’t Diet, Eat!’

CHERRY HILL, NJ (CBS) — A woman in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is celebrating a milestone birthday.

Concetta Talucci turned 102-year-old on Friday.

Family and friends threw a big party for her at a Cherry Hill assisted living community.

Talucci was born in 1914 and says the secret to her longevity is “just don’t diet!”

She continued, “Eat! Eat everything you see… but not overeat.”

Talucci said earlier in life she worked as a glass blower and also in the emergency room of a hospital.

Her 99-year-old younger sister joined her at her party.


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  1. Tim Morgan says:

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  2. Tim Morgan says:

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  3. Ran Hansen says:

    She’s right. Eat whatever you want, it doesn’t make a difference. Long life is a function of genetics. Your own DNA will determine who long you live, not food.

    1. Lloyd Coskey says:

      Wrong. Not everyone has that “long life” DNA.

    2. Your odd, bellicose remark suggests you’re not terribly bright. Your writing “who long you live” bolsters my belief.

  4. fredbullot says:

    (y) 8-) (y) 8-) (y) 8-) (y)

  5. fredbullot says:

    (y) 8-) (y) B| (y) 8-) (y)

  6. Barb Miller says:

    Someone from NJ can live that long!? I thought you died as a victim of road rage before you could reach the end of your natural existence in NJ!

  7. Mike Jones says:

    My aunt will be 105 New Years eve. Man that’s a long life. She was still driving a Chevy Blazer and up in North Dakota at 101.

  8. Doesn’t her advice not to overeat constitute watching one’s diet?

  9. She’s probably just saying that so you all die before she does. What foods did they serve at her party?

  10. I agree with many above. The power of words are strong. Also she has a 99 yr old sister so it must be partly in the genes. And she has a great spirit and attitude. I cannot recall a grumpy and mean 100 year old in interviews. They all seem happy and content and say embrace life and live in moderation.

  11. Read closely and I will share the knowledge you are all so desperately seeking. Ready? Before you are born, make sure to pick parents that have a proven ancestry of long-lived blood relatives. If you forget that critical step, you are on your own. Now, get out there and enjoy yourself. You are dying right now, getting closer and closer to the end, one second at a time!

    1. LOL. Same answer I give everyone who asks me how I look so much younger at 84 – pick the right parents. I’m just plain lucky.

  12. Is this news station running through servers that dialup to the internet? Sheesh. Slow as a dead coal miner’s bowel movements.

    1. Get AdBlockPlus……it works………

  13. +Sure she’s living to a ripe old age! She wasn’t brought up on genetically modified foods, wasn’t stuffed with artificial preservatives, didn’t get shot up with bogus vaccines and didn’t drink water laced with poisonous fluorides. God bless her! I hope she lives to be 200 years old!

    1. Okay, Chicken Little.

    2. Eric Gray says:

      Took the words right out of my mouth.

    3. Don Duca says:

      Wilbur and Eric probably won’t live long enough to collect social security.

      1. Wilbur clearly disagrees with the poster, while Eric is wholeheartedly in agreement. What is your remark intended to suggest…aside from you being effing stupid?

    4. She has not lived on the moon for the past fifty years, dimwit. What a vapid remark.

  14. And being of Italian extraction, I am guessing she enjoyed a good Mediterranean diet. You can’t go wrong there. Like she said, just don’t overdo it. Fast occasionally if you need to lose weight, but don’t go on weird diets.

  15. riosam77 says:

    Extreme longevity is all in the genes….all in the genes..

  16. Good for you grandma!!!! May you keep on living longer!!

  17. Nope. My grandfather smoke three packs of unfiltered Camels and lived on bacon and eggs.

    The doctors told him that unless he changed his ways, that it would kill him. And they were right. He died a week before his ninety-ninth birthday of emphysema and clogged arteries.

    The moral of this story? NEVER smoke, and always eat a vegetarian health food diet or YOU TOO will die.

    1. Keter Malkut says:

      Nope, the doctors cursed your granddad with words and probably others piled on and those words and those words killed him.

      On the other hand if your granddad understood this spiritual principle he probably would not have smoked all those cigarettes and would have eaten anything in moderation.

      Words have a lot of power and people have to know how to deal with words coming to them or at them. Words not dealt with over time have their effect.

      Death and life are in the power of the tongue – Proverbs 18:21
      A man shall eat good by the fruit of his mouth Proverbs 18:20

      Yahshua (Jesus) said, that a person gives account for every word spoken!

      1. Keter Malkut says:

        You can have the best genes and yet harm yourself by your words, or harm your descendants by your words and thoughts – recently scientific studies showed that emotions could change your DNA….and that is what your pass on to your descendants.

        There are many people whose lives have been messed up by what people told them even when they were children – you will be a loser etc. and they don’t understand that those words are affecting their lives, whatever they try etc. or if it was said when they were children, when they grow older.

        We can bless and we can curse with our words – let’s Bless others and ourselves by our words. Let us not be guided by our emotions or our own lack of self worth etc. in how we treat ourselves and others with our words!

        Yahshua said – we have His Mind. But we have to study how He thinks to apply the Power of His Mind in our lives of which we have total control. What you sow is what you reap – Galatians 6:7.

        I am not a “church” worshiper, but a believer in Yahshua. If you follow Him, He will teach you and you can never go wrong. Matthew 23:8-10.

      2. You seem to have somehow failed to grasp that was a joke. Simple-minded zealous twerps are way too full of themselves to pay attention to others.

    2. Smoked, dimwit. Simple verb tense ought not be a mystery to an adult.

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