Pennsylvania Mosque Target Of Anti-Muslim Hate Speech

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Mosques in California, Georgia and one in Pennsylvania have been the target of anti-Muslim hate letters. The notes appear to be written by Donald Trump supporters.

The Pennsylvania letter is addressed to the Islamic Center of Greater Harrisburg and refers to Muslims as “Children of Satan” and reads in part that “there’s a new sheriff in town — President Donald Trump — he’s going to cleanse America and make it shine again.”

“It’s a sad commentary on the times in which we live,” says Jacob Bender, Executive Director of the Philadelphia chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

He says the Harrisburg center received the handwritten letter over the weekend from Raza Khan- a common Muslim name from a false Harrisburg address. Four Mosques in other states received a similar letter. While President Elect Donald Trump has disavowed similar acts of hate in response to journalists inquiries, CAIR is taking the position that he and other government officials be more direct.

Copy of letter CAIR sent to Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg over the weekend. (credit: CAIR)

Copy of letter CAIR sent to Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg over the weekend. (credit: CAIR)

“This type of racism and bigotry against non-White people and non-Christians has always been under the surface of America,” says Bender. “Times demand that government officials denounce this hatred before it leads to uncontrollable violence.”

CAIR reps say they’ve received over 100 reports of hate across the country. Bender says the Philadelphia chapter of CAIR is planning town halls in throughout Pennsylvania to open dialogue.

“There’s a lot of fear and nervousness among Muslims,” says Bender. “We want to answer their questions and talk about the legal implications of this.”

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  1. CAIR is a terrorist group.

  2. Oh, boo hoo, (((lying media)). All of these head-choppers need to go.

  3. Hank Maglio says:

    or the corrupt hillarys voters,,,,media,,,,,the media should shut up,,,instead of putting blame on someone,,,,,,but that’s the college grads…of today,,,,mouth opens,,before brain is in gear,,,,,why would his supporters caust trouble,,,,,that’s hillarys way,,,,,her in law,,,is probably paying people to do that,,,,,just like he has at all the rallys,,,,beating citizens,,,burning cars,,,,destroying buildings,,,,some citizens have caught people on cells,,,of getting off of buses,,,,to riot,,,and back on buses,,getting paid,,,,,

  4. Very sad, terrible and very troubling. Where are the Christiain Churches when they are needed to stop hate? I honestly would like to know! They could use their collective voices to help stop this insult to humanity.

    1. Muzzies HATE Christians, you moron

      1. No, not true. There are many denominations in Islam just like there a numerous denominations in Christianity – such a Catholic and Protestant. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 6 years. Two denominations in Islam believe in no hate and no violence whatsoever and they love to dance too, smoke, and drink. The wives, sisters, and daughters do not wear scarves or other coverings. They are much like us. So, who is the moron now?

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