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Certification Of Some Election Results In Pa. Delayed As Stein Campaign Pushes For Recount

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Montgomery and Bucks Counties have delayed the certification of their election results as the Jill Stein Campaign tries to push for a recount of presidential and senate results.

Montgomery County solicitor Ray McGarry says it’s not easy to force a widespread recount in Pennsylvania, as three voters from each precinct have to sign a petition to request a recount just in that district. In Montgomery County, there are more than 400 voting districts.

But McGarry says petitions have been filed seeking a recount of the results of the presidential and senate races.

“They’re also seeking a forensic analysis of the voting machines,” he said, “because they believe there is some funny business or fraud or something that took place with the machines themselves, that they were capable of being hacked.”

The Stein campaign filed petitions requesting a recount in 25 districts in Montgomery County.

It’s a similar case in Bucks County, so it will be up to the court of common pleas in each county to decide where to go from here.

The certification process was already delayed in Chester County over an appeal of the results of the 156th district.

The Stein campaign has also filed an election contest petition with Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. The Pennsylvania GOP says they reviewed it and its totally and completely without merit and in their words, “does not even allege any facts to support its wild claim.”

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One Comment

  1. Wendy Maddy says:

    the democratic party of michigan as well as the democratic national party wanted obama as its favorite candidate to win the election, so hillary clinton’s winning majority of votes in michigan and florida were split up by michigan and florida’s democratic parties and given away to obama and others, cheating her of the party’s nomination 8 years ago. now donald trump’s cheating with russian hackers provided by his alliance with state enemy russia’s putin, whose two russian banks are supplying trump with money via his russian computer server in trump towers, having hacked into dnc party headquarters national registry of democratic voters and all their strategies, has given him a “majority”, together with republican governor-led states (the majority of states “mysteriously” have republican governors even where the majority of voters are democrats) because the national republican party pours millions into governorship races on purpose to skew the country into republican hands at the top of the states even when there’s a democratic president, eliminating thousands of polling places in minority neighborhoods and not allowing anyone without picture identification to vote, purging voters from the voting rolls just before the election, shortening up early voting hours to keep long lines of mostly minority voters from voting early, and disqualifying voters at the polls the day they vote and preventing voters right at the polls from casting votes. then there are the poll workers themselves, who are in most cases republicans, not democrats, who after closing time at the polls are free to discard votes without outside supervision or watchdogs, and since we have secret votes not published to the public so we can see for ourselves if any dead people we knew are still “voting,” AND we have no federal registry of individual deaths to match up dead people’s names with still voting individuals who are not the dead person at all, and PLUS 26 or so states have passed “laws” making it a crime to photograph ourselves and our ballots inside the polling places, either, to PROVE who we voted for, and since there is no publication of how we voted, we cannot even determine whether or not the vote we cast at the ballot box was not thrown away. for years, i have placed my own name in as a writein for unopposed positions for which there is no democratic nominee (I vote as an independent), or only one unopposed name on the ballot, especially for judge, but michigan where i live disallows “unregistered” writeins at the polling places, which is illegal under federal law, so my name is never published as having received any votes at all, a sure sign of tampering at the polls! WE NEED VOTER AND POLLING PLACE AND POLL WATCHING REFORMS TO GUARANTEE THAT OUR VOTES ARE NOT PREVENTED, TAMPERED WITH, REJECTED POST-VOTE OR THROWN AWAY BY POLLING PLACE WORKERS AFTER HOURS. in this electronic age, we can easily cause all voters’ names and how they voted to be published, and we should do that, so we know if our vote was counted and we can count them ourselves!

  2. The crybaby sore losers need to get over it.

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