Economist On Rising ACA Costs: You’re Going To Have ‘Riots’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Economist Chris Butler discussed the rising cost of health insurance plans rising next year under the Affordable Care Act, saying he expects the populace to express more outrage as they learn they will be priced out of health care options.

Butler told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT to expect more public demonstrations of anger as prices move upward.


“Right now, I think you do have to say that A, it’s failing and that B, I think next year, you’re going to have a bunch of people that don’t get the subsidies that make the premiums a little bit more affordable that are just going to riot because it’s just too expensive for most people if you don’t qualify for subsidies.”

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He stated he still objects to court rulings siding with the government requiring individuals to purchase insurance or pay a penalty.

“You can go back to the Supreme Court decision on this. I’m still shocked that we are being told that our constitution says that it is allowable to force to people to buy something. When I hear people talk about forcing them, not only to buy something, but to make the penalty stiffer if they don’t, I just get queasy.”

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Butler also thinks there could be simple solutions to lower costs and cites buying plans across state lines as an example.

“Do you know what New Jersey is anticipating, their’s in considerably less, as I recall, than Pennsylvania, yet we are not allowed to cross state borders to buy insurance. There are a lot of states, by the way, that have big cities on borders that are actually going to have huge increases but they border on a state that is quite reasonable in its growth in premium costs. We talked about that while all of this was being discussed back in 2010, some of the quick fixes you could make that would have a difference to our healthcare system, that was one of them, allow people to buy insurance across state lines to help equalize some of this stuff.”


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One Comment

  1. Lex says:

    Lost my doctor. Thanks. I have to see that clownish cartoon-looking politician on television talk about how great his plan is. Even my relatives don’t seem to care, but if they lose their coverage it will be catastrophic. There are sick people in my family and this idiot may of threatened their lives.

  2. Kelly Johnson says:

    I don’t like government control because well, the government caused this. And the result is going to be nationalized healthcare. As that was the plan all along. Pass a law that inflicts harm on citizens. But make sure it mostly only financially effects a smaller segment of the population so that the pool is the smallest and has the greatest negative effect on the individual. (Individual market) so that they need the immediate problem remedied first, deal with who caused the problem second (Democrats that voted for this and Never of course). And subsidies in some form is the only way to do that. The market is now too damaged to go back to the pre-ACA days. Democrats effectively raised the cost of health care.
    So if we are going to go down that road. How about instead, we make it so each policy with a pool of 200 or more (Or whatever) must allow for an optional +1 in addition to spouse or dependent. And it must be the same rate or less as the original policy holder/ people in the pool. People will be able to cover their unmarried significant others, siblings, parents, friends, poor people, etc. The larger pool because it will be a lot easier to absorb the additional cost if there even is any at all. And if they can’t afford it, that is where our safety net comes to play.
    Then let the market offer catastrophic plans, Ala cart plans, cross state lines, tort reform, etc. You would have near 100% American’s covered and it will be affordable for everyone with far fewer people needing government assistance.

  3. Zooey D says:

    Obamacare explained Truthfully:

    “Due to the possibility that a common notion of ethics are not universally shared by all sentient beings, and that therefore Obamycare Robbery & Fraud Dept. may have entirely different concept of “fairness”, “equity”, “honesty”, and “integrity” than the consumer, the consumer should not expect the product to conform in any way to the advertised properties of the product. Furthermore, the consumer should be aware that she may be the only entity in the universe, and therefore that any perceived defects in product quality are the consumer’s own d&#!fault in that she voted for these criminals.”

    “If Obamacare were a person passing you on the sidewalk, he would pull out a gun, stick it to your forehead and scream at you to “Give me all your money or else!” The so-called “Affordable Care Act” is built on a foundation of coercion and theft. It is not a voluntary program. It does not ask for nor require your consent. It is a grotesque example of government abuses gone terribly wrong at the hands of a wildly deceptive, insidious administration that honors no law whatsoever.—” –blantantly copied from another email post somewhere by JakeFlagg

  4. Zooey D says:

    The part of obamacare that no one wanted to mention: it violates the 13th Amendment — “Neither slavery, nor Involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall h ave been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” ‘Two essential elements of involuntary servitude are involuntariness, which is compulsion to act against one’s will, and servitude, which is some form of labor for another.’

    Now, you can be [eventually] duly convicted of a crime by not bowing to the slavery of obamacare by not signing up! Talk about your ex post facto catch 22 youse a criminal no matter what law. Then, democrats have always been for and supported slavery.

  5. jsanac6543 says:

    the scotus decision was so disgusting. we have lost so much freedom in this country and the scotus has gone right along.

  6. pippy says:

    I assume buying across state lines only postpones the cost increases. The first part of the solution is to make people pay for those routine visits to the doctor for strep/flu/annual checkups. The second is to accept that beggaring the productive members of society to give benefits to a group who contributes nothing is suicidal.

  7. Hao De says:

    the greater concern for “rioting” [looting, arson] must be among the various groups of indigents. the homegrown, career, welfare “clients” and the tens of millions of harry reid’s “pre-citizens”.

    common sense is that when more diners are at the boarding house table, each portion gets smaller. what do hungry people do ? people that have carefully designed their status in life to be indentured to gubmit freebies ?

  8. Vincent Caruana says:

    Believe me this not accidental. Obamacare is not a Health care policy but rather a population control method. The end goal is to destroy health care and create a single payer system so that almost all Americans will be government dependents.

    Even if you dislike Trump as a person you must vote for Trump!

  9. silly says:

    Riots? The people who would riot are getting free subsidized health care.

  10. Trump = Terrorist says:

    The riots over Trump’s trade wars against China and Mexico that will cost 5 million american jobs will be way larger.

    Hope they overthrow his terrorist government, once Trump is president, it’s polish resistance time.

    1. Hao De says:

      the dimwitted voters do not realize that the “progressive” agenda double teams them. that lessens their chance at improving one’s lifestyle and that of their offspring.

      1] importing by the tens of millions of hungry, used to hard work, low and no skilled employees must yank the rug out from under any “poor” american citizen. any citizen that actually chooses to work.

      2] commandeering the u.s. public/compulsory education system. “changing” the curricula to create “graduates” plumb full of feel good, social engineering, just get along, subject matter. that guarantees that “foreigners” can continue to take at will, u.s. “thinking” jobs.

      3] deportation of u.s. taxpaying employers. deporting through increasing regulatory baggage; retro regulation; highest or second highest on earth business taxes and fees.

      so what’s the future for middle class american citizens ? what are the “middlin’ ” job opportunities ? low skill “service” jobs ? jobs that can’t be deported or automated ? pizza delivery. leastwise until frozen tastes as good as delivery ?

    2. Contra Ventus says:

      Look and tell me is this another troll hired by the Donna Brazile Brigade?

      The question is: Are these the ignorant words of just a naive liberal who only watches CNN? A journalist shill? A for-hire member of Soros’ BLM, or one of the ‘mentally ill’ that Foval hired?

      Whoever it is, they don’t realize that the Polish Resistance (God Bless them! I grew up in a Polish neighborhood. We were poor and our neighbor Bruno with his hearty Polish laughter, would dress up as Santa and bring gifts so we had some little thing at Christmas) rose up courageously against the Leftist Socialist Worker’s Party, after the Socialist Worker’s Party attacked it. They rode light cavalry into a line of heavy tanks. That’s all they had to fight with against these ruthless ‘socialist workers’. No one can say braver men ever lived or went to their death with greater glory.

      Socialist Worker parties (Hitler’s Party) by definition and generation, are never on the Right. Did Carnegie or Rockefeller start any ‘socialist worker’s parties’ for their employees? Did BASF or Volkswagen or Mercedes organize ‘socialist worker’s parties’? Only an ignorant fool wrote the above.

      There’s money in war and BASF, Volkswagen and Mercedes were soon on board though once Hitler and his ‘socialist workers’ burned the Reichstag.

      Hitler, like Mussolini who was his political mentor from the decade prior, was also socialist leftist. Mussolini and Hitler, like Hillary, first had to destroy other leftists, like Communists and Bernie supporters. Mussolini used the ‘Black Shirts’ to intimidate violently and break up rival political gatherings – think of Bernie being attacked on stage by BLM. As Hitler used ‘Brown Shirts’, Obama uses BLM; again, ask Bernie. Mussolini, Italy’s socialist leftist worker’s party leader, was eventually hung in public by the Italian citizenry, Hitler, another great socialist worker’s leader, shot himself in the head rather than deal with the carnage he authored.

      So whoever posted, needs to read just a little more history both political and historical. Since it is obviously a leftist that wrote it, it even displays more ignorance of the person’s own roots.

      Whoever it is, really does a dis-service to the brave Poles I knew who fought in World War II and Korea that used to be in the “Holy Name Society” with me when I was but a young boy attending breakfast after Mass with my father. He dis-honors their memory by lying about them and what they were fighting against: Leftist Totalitarianism, the very thing Hillary stands for!

      If you yourself are a Pole and know so little, shame on you! Shame on you!

      So yes, the Polish Resistance does need to rise against the ‘brown-shirts’ that have been used once again to politically disenfranchise or intimidate the population.

      Rise Up Poles! Rise Up again and free us from the tyranny of this centuries ‘socialist worker’s party’.

  11. Churyl Minne says:

    They should have been rioting after its passage…. now it’s far too late.

  12. Cecil says:

    We need to go back to a pre WW2 health insurance market.

  13. JoeThePimpernel says:

    Unfortunately, the low-information types aren’t aware enough to riot over something substantive.

    Tell them that the cops shot a criminal, however…

  14. Sunny Morgan says:

    Before Obamacare, our family of 5 had good health insurance (including vision & dental) through my employer. Since the Democrats voted Obamacare in in the middle of the night, our health insurance premiums have almost tripled, co-pays have tripled, costs for medicines have gone up, we lost our doctors, we sometimes have to wait months for appointments, and now we have deductibles of more than $6,500.00 per person! WHAT THE HECK!

    1. Contra Ventus says:

      If you use the antonyms for liberal and progressive, you actually get the outcomes of thinking like a liberal progressive

      Antonym of liberal – (skimpy, scant, miserly)
      Antonym of regressive – (of a tax: taking a proportionally greater amount from those on lower incomes).

      Describes Obamacare to a “T”, eh? And as Hillary has so emphatically reminded us, proudly stating lest we forget, “Before this was Obamacare, it was Hillarycare!”

      I guess liberal progressives think that holding an ‘economic’ gun to people’s heads is the best way to get things done. Once a thug, always a thug! As Hussein said, “If they bring a knife, we bring a crushing economic burden.”

    2. TrickleUpPolitics says:

      So in reality you have no insurance and are paying for everything out of pocket. If you had a catastrophic illness you would still be on the hook for the huge deductible plus whatever your so-called insurance didn’t cover. Thanks, Obama.

  15. Jim Thomas says:

    Proving once again that economists aren’t sociologists.

  16. Griffin Edward says:

    Revolutions only happen because the poor have had enough.

    It would appear that the media hasn’t picked up on the fact that the government gives the poor everything while taking everything away from the middle class.

    There will be no revolts as the middle class are to scared to lose what little they actually have

  17. pittsdicicco says:

    Where do I sign up to protest? I am 62 yo female who used to pay $350/mo pre-AHCA, today I pay $855 and in 2017 I will be forced to one individual policy provider to pay $1050-$1300, depending on how many thousand of dollars of deductibles I want to swallow. I do not resent helping people with pre-existing conditions. I DO resent paying for recent Penn graduate’s free birth control pills and pediatric dental care etc. Sign me up to protest. Of course this whole thing was a farce to force the collapse of the private health care system and force us into a govt run system. I used to live in Cleveland and the hospital systems there were full of Canadians with $$ in their pockets to buy procedures for which they had to wait months/years in the Canadian system.

    1. JoeThePimpernel says:

      Whenever the feral government decides to make something “affordable” it becomes catastrophically expensive.

      The feral government decided to make college “affordable,” which is why tuition has increased 100%+ in the past 30 years.

      1. JoeThePimpernel says:

        I meant 1000% in the past 30 years.

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