Controversial ‘Speak English’ Sign No Longer Up At Geno’s Steaks

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It caused a stir for a decade, but now it’s no longer up at a popular South Philadelphia cheesesteak shop.

Geno’s Steaks this year is celebrating its 50th anniversary. For the last 10 years, the sign at the window read, “This is America: When ordering, please speak English.”

But this morning that sign is no longer posted. Why that is, it’s not clear right now.

No comment from staff at Geno’s this morning. We’re still waiting to hear back from current owner Geno Vento.

His father, Joey Vento, decided to post the sign in 2006. Controversy followed, some complained that the sign was discrimination.

Vento maintained he didn’t turn people away.

The Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations ruled that it was not discrimination in 2008 and the sign stayed. It didn’t go anywhere even after Joey Vento died in 2011

As for reaction, a neighbor who has lived around here for three decades, says he knew Joey Vento and the sign should stay up.

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One Comment

  1. The only word we will be speaking when the illegals leave is “Adios”.

  2. Hank Maglio says:

    is that the left demos,,always changing things,,,,taking away freedom of the citizens,,,,like the past 8 years with obama care,,,,there are citizens who don’t want health insurance ,,,have to ,,,are told to pay fines,,every month,,because they don’t want insurance,,,just like people believe hillarys lies,,,,why doesn’t geno,, have rights,,,,it’s his business,,his place,,,he pays taxes on it,,,where is the demo mayor , to show support for geno,,,,isn’t he the one who wanted 3 cents a ounce for drinks,,,for 16 ounce of beer,,,,every glass,,,,woud be 48 cents more for him,,,,,is that what demos do for the citizens,,,raise taxes,,,,take away from people,,,,why don’t the mayor speak up for genos,,who pays taxes for that place,,,,dont he have rights,,under the demos,,,,

  3. It is positively shocking that we have to ^&%$ing APOLOGIZE for asking people to speak English in the US. Here in America, we speak English. If you can’t be bothered to learn the language, you’ll be leaving.

  4. Jesse Peterson says:

    I’m hoping it’s gone because he’s putting up a larger one. Otherwise, he’s a coward.

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