Biden To Campaign For Hillary Clinton In Bucks County

BRISTOL, PA (CBS) — Vice President Joe Biden is making another stop in our area today to drum up voter registration in advance of next month’s Presidential election.

Biden is scheduled to speak at Bucks County Community College in Bristol just before lunch. Just like his visit to the Drexel campus last week, the plan is to get young people excited enough about Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House to register to vote by Tuesday’s deadline, and then to actually cast a ballot.

“Depending on who you’re listening to at whatever given time, I guess the universal message is that Bucks is very, very important to the success of the Clinton campaign,” Bucks County Democratic chairman John Cordisco told KYW Newsradio.

It all comes down to numbers.

Pennsylvania’s a critical state, and the Philadelphia region is the linchpin to success as party leaders see it. Cordisco expects Philly to go for Hillary Clinton. The question is, by how much.

“If there is significant support throughout the collar counties of Philadelphia, that will add to that majority which make it very difficult for the Trump campaign to overcome those numbers,” he said.

Voter registration in Bucks County leans slightly in favor of Democrats. Cordisco hopes to increase that advantage to aid the party’s candidates for Congress and the US Senate.

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