Gas Pipeline Leak Causes Spike In Gas Prices

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — You may have noticed that gas prices are on the rise at a time when they’re normally headed down.

It’s all due to a damaged pipeline.

Right now, a gallon of regular is averaging $2.34 in Pennsylvania, $1.99 in New Jersey and $2.19 in Delaware.

And in Washington Township, drivers have noticed the higher prices.

When it comes to filling his gas tank, appliance repairman Frank Biddle likes to shop around. He drives more than 100 miles a day and keeps track of where to find good prices.

“I got a couple gas stations down around Westville and Deptford area that are pretty cheap, $1.89 ain’t too bad,” he said.

Over the last week drivers who keep a close eye on prices at the pump noticed the rate going up when it should be going down.

Typically fuel stations switch to winter blend gasoline in mid-September lowering prices. But due to a leak in the colonial pipeline, that supplies gas from Texas to the east coast, AAA finds gas prices are seven cents higher than a month ago in South Jersey.

“Its effects go across the country, you’re seeing where the whole Southeast up into Delaware and South Jersey are affected because the supply has been decreased which means prices will go up,” said Rich Bradley from South Jersey AAA.

Southern states felt the most severe impact of the pipeline leak with the price of gas in parts of Georgia up 27 cents from a week ago.

Some stations ran out of gas and there are widespread complaints of price gouging.

But, there is good news.

Tuesday a spokesperson for Colonial said a bypass pipeline is almost complete and gasoline should restart flowing at a normal rate on Wednesday.

“So we should be seeing that within the next day or so, and then with the gas being back online everything should be returning to normal for us around here”

And experts say normal means prices should start dropping as they usually do in September.

“Hopefully we can produce enough oil to keep the prices where they are right now and have a nice smooth transition into the fall with cheaper prices.”

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  1. Stephen Pribila says:

    I have gas in my pants for politicians

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