Philly FOP Chief On Presidential Endorsement: Clinton ‘Blew The Police Off’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – John McNesby, the President of the Philadelphia FOP, discussed their endorsement of Donald Trump for President over Hillary Clinton and criticized the Democratic nominee for not engaging with them in their selection process.

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McNesby, who was a member of a three person committee who made the recommendation to the national organization on their choice, told Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the Clinton campaign showed no interest in winning their support.


“They didn’t care. Their attitude, then, back in July, during the DNC, was they were going to win this thing anyway, so who cares? Now, I think the tides have turned a little bit and she’s on her heels. As many times as we’ve tried to…have it a fair process and an open process, the emails back were that they’re not interested and no thanks. Just snide things like that.”

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He stated his local chapter will heed the recommendation for Trump, who he met with personally in New York.

“We’re falling in line with the national FOP and, basically, she just disregarded and blew the police off. You can’t go in and expect to get respect when you didn’t give it to us. We gave a very fair process, we thought. We put out a questionnaire and she absolutely refused…outright refused, with a nasty campaign rebuttal to why she wouldn’t. Simple as that, we went in and we participated with the candidate that cooperated. He filled it out. We met with him.”

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One Comment

  1. Now stop police union blind contributions to Democrats!

  2. calbeck says:

    It’s this simple: if Hillary Clinton endorses the police, Black Lives Matter will be rioting and screaming “betrayal” at her events. She thinks THEY are “the black vote” of 2016.

  3. Ghandi says:

    Here’s my take. Hillary’s campaign has spent huge resources trying to find dirt on Donald Trump. They got nothing. So if Donald really is clean and wants to make a difference for America’s future, how can I not give him a chance? Compared to Hillary who has a 30 year long list of scandals that read like a rap sheet.

    1. Shell says:

      BS, there’s plenty of dirt on Trump out there on the record, you’ve already made up your mind to vote for him, and won’t see it.

      1. William Hadley says:

        So, please explain to use all the ‘dirt’ you claim to have on Donald? And anything you claim, please give us citation so you can research it…

  4. Bill Smith says:

    Row anyone in their right mind could endorse or vote for her is beyond comprehension.

  5. The democratic party used to be for the working man ~ it isn’t the working man’s party any more. Now it is the socialist/communist/open borders with no clue who is in our country party. The United Kingdom voted Brexit ~ Germany is getting rid of Merkle ~ Time for a change in America with America first. Close our borders, determine who is here, who might be a threat and who wants to assimilate and be an American. It is time to make our country safe and great again! Voting Trump!

  6. The former first lady has blown off the whole country with her lies. Starting with that insipid video causing the Benghazi tragedy yet her apologist msm cronies have duped the dem sheeple that it was all a repub conspiracy.

    1. She emailed the President of Libya that she knew it was an act of terror and not a video
    2. Emailed the Prime Minister of Egypt she knew it was an act of terror and not a video
    3. Emailed her daughter it was an act of terror and not a video

    This abject failure of leadership and act of perjury to We the People should have disqualified this pathological liar from ever becoming the dem nominee.

    Own it.

    1. Daniel Petry says:

      I’m an unaccomplished crooked lawyer, (who flunked the D.C. bar exam), from Arkansas married to a former popular President who has cheated on me throughout our marriage with my full knowledge and later became a US Senator because of my relationship to that President where I accomplished nothing again only to run for President in 2008–again based only on my experience as tolerant wife and token Senator where I was then beaten by an entirely unqualified narcissistic sociopathic man who has the same Leftist beliefs as I, but hates the United States even more, and I served as his Secretary of State for much of his first term where again, I accomplished less than nothing other than collecting frequent flyer miles at taxpayer expense and pressing an imaginary “reset button” that accomplished even less than the rest of my career in so-called public service.

      For those reasons, I believe I should be the next President of the United States.
      Thank you, Hillary……….

  7. ScottyGunn says:

    Hillary and her campaign turned their backs on police in order to court the black vote (not that all blacks dislike police, but that is the assumption they made). At the convention, no uniformed officers were allowed on the convention floor.
    Now , America, who will you vote for, someone who is so fake and panders for votes, disregarding any and all integrity? Watch 13 Hours if you have any doubts.

  8. Olrik says:

    How many exactly did she blow?

  9. Barry says:

    The Philly police need to pull out of all the black inner city neighborhoods, and high crime areas, and let all the human trash living there wipe itself out. If black folks don’t want to get shot and arrested for committing crime, the police need to leave the area, and let the ungreatful and incompetent minorities destroy each other.

  10. Slik says:

    Looks like a nice guy who needs to eat salad for a few months.

    1. Bill Smith says:

      Hillary doesn’t look nice and she could use a bowl full too.

  11. michelle O says:

    The only person that Hillary ever blew was Bill and that 5 minutes after she first met him.

  12. Michael Bol says:

    She just thinks that everyone is for her, takes everyone for granted. Also she is pro-BLM, which is anti-police. Why would they expect her to like them?

  13. CFUNK says:

    How could they endorse someone who has been involved in so many scams and criminal activities just because their feelings were hurt? I guess Trump will let them shoot black people more.

    1. Barry says:

      Everything you’ve just said is a bold-faced LIE, and patently absurd. You are a “low-information” voter.

  14. Jim Lively says:

    She endorses BLM. How could she possibly be in support of law enforcement officers when the very group she encourages is demanding them dead? Dont fall for this shrill. Vote TRUMP

  15. Shell says:

    The FOP has their fee fees hurt, and endorses the candidate accused of raping a 13 year old. Not a good look for them. They’d have been better off endorsing neither candidate.

    1. I heard from a reliable source that Hillary Clinton went on a murder spree in a daycare back in 1978. Do you support a child-murderer?

    2. She was actually 12. Here’s the evidence:

  16. st8kout says:

    People also need to take notice that just as Germany has risen up against Merkel’s open border policy with immigrants, ‘We The People’ are rising up against our own leader’s Party and their open border nonsense.

    Notice how only now after Merkel’s party is getting the beatdown from voters, NOW she’s trying to apologize by saying, “If I could only turn back the clock.” Yeah, right. Before the election she was smug about ignoring the public and doing what she wants. (Sound familiar with our own White House?)

    You could almost call this the 2nd American Revolution, fighting against tyrannical leadership that ignores public opinion.

  17. whooosh says:

    I think this arrogant Clinton woman has always thought, she couldn’t lose this election. What a surprise to this worthless woman.
    Nice to see the libturds in a panic mode.

    1. Gary Ferraro says:

      I’m having a blast seeing the Lib kooks soil their panties in utter panic, now that the Hildabeast is headed for a huge defeat.

  18. Toofpik says:

    Really? You dont say…Billary and her sinister minions acted arrogantly?

    You would think she thinks 25% of the American voting public are deplorable or something.

    Shes wrong. It’s more like 45% and they plan to vote for her. I JEST! I’ll give many of them the benefit of the doubt…they are probably mostly decent people…just clueless and fools, but otherwise decent folk. Only a small percentage of purely nefarious people would actually vote for the Democrat Party knowing exactly what their intents are.

    I’m not a Republican, but the Democrat Party is an enemy of the state.

    1. Richard1939 says:

      If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will do to America exactly what Angela Merkel did to Germany. Destroy it by loading it with Muslims!

  19. Juan says:

    I wouldn’t let that skag blow me off using someone else’s junk.

  20. VOTE For Monica Lewinsky’s Ex Boy Friend’s Wife For President (better yet, for Prison)

    1. The only time Hillary cares is when she needs the vote and now she has her big butt up against the wall she needs the votes so she cares. What a twit!

  21. Huma's Weiner says:

    I resent Hillary being portrayed as an unconscionable , greedy, dishonest hag…she has a conscious, she just prefers to keep it private.

  22. She is a rabid dog….

  23. Milt says:

    Someone PLEASE spill some water on her so we can watch her disappear into her pointy hat (what a world! what a world!)

  24. deerjerkydave says:

    It’s hard to engage the police from a hospital bed.

    1. cwat says:

      Read the article? It said they reached out in July, unless she’s been in the hospital since July she had every opportunity to respond.

  25. Harry Potter says:

    Hillary didn’t want to lose the Cop Killer vote.

  26. Ted Kane says:

    I thought that was Monica’s job??????????

    1. Huma's Weiner says:

      Bill is past White House interns and has moved on to “Bimbos.”

  27. xfiler93 says:

    The BLM and NAACP gang are happy to hear this.

  28. Bob Kutz says:

    Bill Clinton was quoted as saying; “Yeah, I know that didn’t happen . . .”

  29. bamco62 says:

    So because she didn’t kiss that sweaty walrus’ bells, they didn’t endorse her? BS. They were never going to endorse her anyway.

  30. Not to be outdone, HiLiary has been endorsed by National Parkinson Foundation…

  31. Mister Deplorable says:

    We deplorables welcome the Philadelphia FOP to the Trump revolution. We are fortunate to have such a great organization of proud men and women join the cause! Remember to vote on Nov 8th…

    1. D. Thomas says:


    2. Historic Democrat Turnout - November 9th. says:

      just remember that Democrats vote on the 9th

  32. Dennis A Lee says:

    America needs to come to grips very quickly, that the Democrats, never trumpers, and the globalists WANT centerlized power in the UN. Obama is going to give the internet to them soon. Clinton wants nothing to do with any police force, same as Obama, because the world wide police force under the UN is coming to your city SOON. The WORLD will change if Soros, Obama, the Clinton’s win. If you want this to happen, you had better contribute to the clinton cash stash soon.

  33. Josie says:

    Of course Hillary blew off police -she stands with BLM, criminals, and Muslim America-haters. Her many speeches make that clear. And she absolutely dissed all the parents of children murdered by illegals. She hates cops. So let’s show her how WE feel on Nov. 8.

  34. Mike Bishop says:

    The only thing Trump will do for the police is strip their pensions and drive down their salaries. They’ll deserve it.

    1. Dennis A Lee says:

      you have Mr Trump and Clinton mixed up.

    2. You’re late for your BLM meeting…

  35. gotham1883 says:

    Can’t have a real communist/totalitarian country without a nationalized police force.

  36. gotham1883 says:

    When the police get nationalize she will fire everyone she does not like and hire sycophants.

    1. Jefferson reliq says:

      The same way Obama has emasculated the military and replaced the flag officers who had so much as a minor disagreement with his policies. Firing the messenger has become the new democrat tradition

  37. gotham1883 says:

    Even worse. Hillary intends to nationalize the police at all levels.

  38. Pod says:

    Hillary’s supporters want to shoot the police, e.g., BLM, so no surprise police support Trump.

  39. How can anyone support a person who allowed a man to go around for decades knowingly allowing him to hurt all those women? Even if you don’t believe the dozen or so women, do you really want Bill roaming the hallways and doing to another intern what he did to Monica? Seriously, why do people close their eyes at this predator?

  40. According to a Poll by Cair and a Poll published at Huffington Hillary gets 85% of Muslims and 90% of BLM supporters.

  41. Ozzonelayyer says:

    I hope every policeman out there is reading this article. If you know a cop, send them this link.

    A vote for Hillary is a vote against the Police.

  42. Toro Labie says:

    PhilaDeplorables—in the basket you go all you cheesesteakers.

  43. bobbyhoying says:

    Frank Rizzo would have been in Trump’s corner.

  44. BobUSAFret says:

    Hillary couldn’t help blowing off the police,she’s a liberal.

    1. Rik Mik says:

      She’s much worse, she’s a communist.

  45. Carlita Ranchero says:

    She hates alpha males.
    But they are the only ones capable of keeping her safe from the serfs and their pitchforks.

  46. skyway2ls says:

    Thanks very much to the Philadelphia Police Union for supporting Trump.

  47. Carlita Ranchero says:

    Yes but Hitlery has a vaqina! That MUST count for something!

  48. Hillary doesn’t want men; she wants women and cucks.

  49. sasintexas says:

    Maybe we can now get Pennsylvania aboard the trump train. Why their going for killary is beyond my comprehension.#neverlyingcrookedhillary

    1. Dennis A Lee says:

      They will vote for the last thing standing with that big “D” behind them

  50. MikeBuildsUSA says:

    Her husband passed a draconian crime bill that put African-Americans away for extremely long sentences. Now she wants their children to come back to the plantation owner’s wife.

  51. She’s had nothing but contempt for law enforcement and military since Bubba’s days at the WH. Read any book written by Secret Service agents to learn how horrible she was towards them.

    1. Jefferson reliq says:

      “She’s had nothing but contempt for law enforcement and military since Bubba’s days at the WH. “, I respectfully disagree, it should read, “She’s had nothing but contempt for law enforcement and military since before Bubba’s days in the Arkansas governor’s Mansion”.

  52. Jerry Seinfeld says:

    Of course the Democrats refused to seek the police endorsement. Democrats always side with the criminals. This is not news. They’d rather be endorsed by the BLM terror group than the police.

  53. john stallings says:

    I can promise you this, Hillary Clinton hasnt blown anything but a birthday cake candle.

    1. Carlita Ranchero says:

      Hitlery Klinton: The twisted love child of George Soros and David Rockefeller.
      Funny how quick Bernie Sanders took his free George Soros funded mansion and scurried off of the public stage. Socialist politicians are the sock-puppets of the globalist one-percenters.

  54. redruffansore says:

    Ahem…you’ve been useful idiots for the left in the past, why would she think you’d have an original thought in your head as you saw all these good officers shot and killed by Black Liars don’t Matter much less the 3rd world muslim tide Obama has let in. It’s a wonder to me how you could have EVER supported a liberal when you represent law and order.

  55. Jojopanama says:

    She had to makea tough choice: pander to BLM or lie and pretend she cares about cops and crime rates.

  56. Vincent Ardizzone says:

    Evil Hillary blows off the police because she knows there are more felon votes for her than the number of police votes. It’s just a matter of math for her. Evil.

  57. Trump is always the right choice.

    1. Joe says:

      Amen to that.

  58. SHe’s just doing what Soros told her. If Mr. McNesby’s not careful, Soros will have BLM kill more of his union members. This is a violent overthrow of our Constitutional Republic, stealing our freedoms and trying to destroy our culture and identity as a freedom-minded people.

    1. ItsJo says:


  59. Sailordude says:

    Philly? Endorses Trump? That must take big ones to do in public folks. I guess the rank and file persuaded him to do it? I’m happy! Trump 2016! Join the movement!

  60. Blew the police off? Isnt that something Monica did to Bill?

  61. Deplorable Me says:

    Silly John, don’t you know you’re one of the little people?

  62. First Last says:

    Hillary hasn’t blown anyone off since since Web Hubbell got her pregnant.

  63. MichMike says:

    If a government wants to install draconian surveillance and security, intruding on the individual rights of the population, they have two options. The first is to just declare the safeguards against this null and void (the constitution). The U. S. is already experiencing quite a bit of this. But it is much easier to eliminate individual rights if the people are demanding their rights be curtailed. Allowing massive infiltration of people who will do individual harm to the population and mass harm to the population is what alters people’s perspective into demanding their rights be curtailed, for their own good. The U. S. government has for some time been laying in place the conditions for the people demanding their rights be curtailed. The last 8 years this has been dramatically accelerated. That ultimately 100s of thousands of the people will be killed, permanently injured, and is a growing issue, raped, matters NOTHING to this regime. Their goals of eliminating the safeguards in the constitution is all that matters to them. Any so many of you morons think they care. Unbelievable.

  64. foolofatook says:

    A 60’s freak like Hillary dislikes all law enforcement bodies from secret service agents, to military, and certainly not police officers.

  65. well what you gonna do, i can’t believe we have to choose between clinton and trump, that’s just stupid

    1. WayBackMachine says:

      There are a lot of issues to deal with but only two (realistic) candidates to choose from, both of whom have a LOT of negatives. Ultimately, I’ll vote for Trump just to keep SCOTUS out of Shrillery’s hands. In a choice between “two evils” I believe her track record of lies and corruption “trumps” any consideration of allowing her to gain the power she obviously craves.

      1. Vincent Ardizzone says:


  66. So how many times do the police have to be abused before they say no ?! If I was their union chief, I wouldn’t even have bothered endorsing her for all the laws she broke and the corruption in DNC. And then there’t the matter of coddling organizations openly advocating killing cops.

    And they STILL keep asking her to accept their endorsement like trailer trash ?

  67. Dan Fleming says:

    Maybe, just maybe, even the union-dominated organizations are beginning to figure out that the Soros progressives (like Obama and Clinton) want as much division, anarchy and lawlessness as they can muster up. It provides cover for what they really want – a deflated America, and a one-world government with them permanantly in charge. Better late than never to the fight, FOP.

  68. Serves her right. She thought she’d walk right into the Presidency. Sorry sweetheart its not that easy. You should know from your past dealings with Bill; you always get picked second.

  69. CaptainAmerica says:

    HUBRIS…..Thine Name is SHILLARY…..and….Let’s Not Forget…..SLICK WILLY!

  70. maxovrdriv says:

    When you have no respect for law and order, or the men and women who enforce it this should come as no real surprise.

  71. Chris in NC says:

    She wants the black lives matter idiots on her side. That means she can’t have the cops. Simple math. More blm idiots than cops means more votes. So she casts aside the cops

  72. Gail says:

    Trump 2016!

  73. Stephen P says:

    Welcome aboard the Trump train Officers, happy to have you.

  74. Only a brainwashed Gruber fool would vote for the pig from Arkansas.

    1. Mike CNJ says:

      That’s “razorback” to U, Mr Soffitrat

  75. HeywoodJablowme says:

    Do you notice how hard they tried to get on the Clinton band wagon but kept getting pushed off? They chose Trump by default. These unions first instinct is to support democrats always. Now they’ve been shown the door, so they run to Trump. The city is a rathole. Go Trump!

  76. BoDeen says:

    I don’t think there is any credible evidence that Hillary has ever blown off anybody. That was Monica’s job.

  77. genearly says:

    Hilarity is commending the police “response” to the latest Imported Terrorism. No one asks “Why” there are Mooslem Terrorists here in the First Place! Obamy-hilarity just want to import More! That really makes sense…..NOT! ProgreSSives are Insane……unless you want a police state and a mooslem minority rule, like the Mooslem in the WH.

  78. All of these Mideastern immigrants Obama is allowing in…. how many were planted in Hillarys city of Chappaqua NY.? NONE

  79. Now you are starting to Understand; If all security people, including military support TRUMP, that alone should tell you something. These people are on the front lines everyday, they already know about Hillary…… hence the support of TRUMP.

  80. I believe in a leaked email someone said something about hubris.
    And if you’ve chosen black lives over blue lives, that about says it all.

  81. While the slap in the face from the Clinton woman is an insult, what SHOULD be at the top of police unions’ consideration is the Clinton woman’s abject hatred of police and secret service in general.

    She supports BLM, for goodness sake! Is she going to betray her special interest group and risk the black vote?

    THIS is what should be mentioned in the union’s comments — not the silly petty insult to the FOP’s pride.

    1. HeywoodJablowme says:

      and after all that, this union still tried to get on her bandwagon. What morons they are.

  82. Vance Barnhill says:

    Why would Hillary seek the support of the police…….she likes ISIS…!

  83. Russ says:

    This is a story that ought to be headline news. If Trump had blown off the police you can BET there would be a ton of stories about it.

  84. Anedia Reese says:

    Because Mr Trump views us as fellow American’s, “Killery and Obamonation” view US as collateral! She sited law enforcement as the bad guys and the bad guys as the victims. She is a threat to our very existence.#MAGA

  85. Mark Matis says:

    Why should she pay any attention to them now? After all, she knows how corrupt and fraudulent this election will be. Not only will the Democrats make sure she “wins” in every place where they control the vote “count”, but the Rove Republican swill will do so as well. And the pigs won’t bother to arrest those responsible. After all, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in, they will do WHATEVER they are told.

    And Hillary stands behind the Blue Wall and laughs.

  86. alpha-protagonist says:

    If the FOP backed Hillary, I’d have to consider them an enemy of the state. Besides, in a Hillary world, police departments will be quasi-federalized and no longer have any autonomy. Good thing Clinton blew McNesby off, because he’d have made a monumental mistake backing that b***h.

  87. Brian Reid says:

    …and that’s the way her presidency will be, once she gets in. That’s all she cares about. That, and starting the money rolling in for her reelection.

    Wake up, people.

  88. Alan Reyes M. D. says:

    Hillary will treat everyone like she did the police if she ever gets elected. Everyone will be beneath her and her pay to play partners.

  89. Jeff Gibson says:

    “Pigs”! Hillary calls the police and the secret service “pigs”.

    1. Russ says:

      I’d like to see the source of that – seriously, so I can share it. I know her contempt for those who serve her but would like to see a specific source.

  90. fast and spurious ~

    the mother of lies
    with her finger to the wind
    and those crazy eyes

  91. Ha, Ha it’s Pay to Play, Mr. McNesby. HRC does not respond when her till is empty.

    1. Shawn French says:

      Cops don’t have the kind of money it takes to buy a Clinton. She did spend most of the campaign gathering bribes; er, contributions, rather than actually campaigning.

  92. Wain Tark says:

    She HATES the police! Unless they are protecting her from the Deplorables.

  93. Non trustworthy Hillary has the 1% Rich elite liberals , bottom 30-40% Government trough feeders.and very little in between.. .. All she needs to do is convince a small portion of these people to win. Unfortunately that is not hard with a Bias Media attacking Trump constantly.

  94. me says:

    wake up phil the dems don’t care about you!!!

  95. TruthInSpending says:

    The chief doesn’t understand, but he is correct when he says that Hillary doesn’t care.

    What she cares about the most is the hundreds of thousands, or millions, whatever the number, of voters they are importing into the country.

  96. DD says:

    Is anyone TRULY surprised by the Prog/Dem lack of respect here? Anyone??? About time others figure this out

  97. Clinton’s math is simple…There are more D crooks than D cops.. She wants those votes.

  98. Victoria Balfour says:

    Ha! Ha!! Hillary took her african american support for granted. Now they are moving over to Trump… She needs the people who support law enforcement too and they have moved over to Trump

    1. gorbud says:

      You are right. she has taken Americans votes for granted and with her hubris and entitlement let she deserved to be crowned Queen of America. Hopefully the only throne she will be sitting on is in a small bathroom.

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