Zoning Chair Jim Moylan Steps Down Following FBI Raids

By Pat Loeb and Joe Holden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On Thursday, there were new developments in connection to the FBI raids taking part throughout Philadelphia. An official, targeted by agents, has stepped down from his powerful position.

Dr. Jim Moylan’s resignation from the zoning board came out of the blue. It comes three weeks after FBI agents swept through his home and medical office.

In a nutshell, Mayor Kenney said earlier on Thursday, that Moylan stepped aside to avoid answering reporter questions.

Sources: Feds Request Kenney Campaign Records In Connection To Dougherty, Henon Raids

When federal agents swept union offices, residences, businesses and City Hall last month, a South Philly home and chiropractic office were also targeted. The owner of both is Dr. Moylan.

All of the activity caused a stir caught a lot of attention. Dr. Moylan, a friend of IBEW union leader John Dougherty, was also chairman of the city zoning board of adjustment. Moylan abruptly resigned from the board on Wednesday.

Eyewitness News spoke with Kenney on Thursday. He appointed Dr. Moylan. “He decided, for the good of the zoning board and the good of the city, he would step aside while all of this played out,” Kenney said.

He said Moylan was very thoughtful in his decision with not wanting to be a distraction.

“As long as there’s TV news and reporters who are going to continue asking the same question about something he can’t talk about and doesn’t know about, I think it would district from the process and I think he did the right thing.”

He’s a past president of the Pennsport civic association and Kenney said  he did a good job as chair.

“He’s a great public servant, he’s a great businessperson and a wonderful human being and he decided for the good of the zoning board and the good of the city he would step aside while all this played out.”

We attempted to talk to Dr. Moylan, but was told that he isn’t commenting. Kenney added that he supported Moylan’s decision, in essence, saying that Moylan didn’t feel like dealing with the news cameras.

As far as a replacement on the zoning board, Kenney has yet to name one.

KYW’s Pat Loeb contributed to this report. 


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  1. Jesse Peterson says:

    Where’s there’s goonion smoke, there’s fire. Throw all of them in jail.

  2. Charles says:

    this is totally a Jim Kenney move.

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