Ivanka: Trump’s Child Care Proposals Are Conservative

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ivanka Trump championed her father’s proposal, first announced during a speech in Aston, that will provide six weeks of paid maternity leave and allow parents to deduct child care costs from their income tax.

The GOP candidate’s daughter disagrees with critics who say the proposal is a clear break with conservative principles normally championed by Republicans.

“I think it values free market solutions. I think it encourages savings. I think it is just the right thing to do. We’ve had great support from both sides of the isle, from Democrats, from independents, and definitely from conservatives. The five Congresswomen were present last night at the unveiling of the policy speech. We’ve had incredible support from the female leadership community in Washington DC. I view this as a bipartisan issue. I view it as something that needs to happen. Hopefully, we can make some very strong in roads.”

She pointed out that US lags far behind other countries in providing aid for new parents.

“It’s long overdue. We’re the only developed country in the world that doesn’t offer paid maternity leave. Under current law, depending on the size of your business, you do receive leave, but it’s unpaid. I think allowing for this and enabling it is critical and it’s very important and we need to support new mothers. We need to support families. This is a policy that will be self funding. It’s going to come out of the expansion of the already-in-place unemployment insurance that businesses are required to carry under current law.”

Trump said her father is looking forward to the challenge of running the country should he defeat Hillary Clinton in November.

“He is incentivized to do the right thing for this country. He talks about making America great again. He means it, from the bottom of his heart and he will work incredibly hard to do just that if given the opportunity.”

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