CBS 3 Camera Man Hit By Carson Wentz’s First TD Pass: ‘Yes, Throw This Way’

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — By now, pretty much everyone has seen Carson Wentz’s first career touchdown.

But no one had a better look than CBS 3 camera man Kyle Hall.

Hall was filming in the perfect spot, when Eagles wide receiver Jordan Matthews came steam-rolling right toward Hall after catching the game’s first touchdown. J-Matt collided with Hall giving him a blood, swollen lip and a once-in-a-lifetime camera shot.

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“Yeah I tried to pick out that spot because it was a really nice drive coming down,” Hall told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on Tuesday. “The energy in the stadium was incredible, it wasn’t like I’ve ever felt it in a long time. So I wanted a good spot about the 20-yard line, he drops back, he looks over my direction and I’m like, ‘Yes! Do it. Come, throw this way.’

Listen: CBS 3 Camera Man Kyle Hall on the 94WIP Morning Show


“And he does. He throws a beautiful pass. Matthews catches it right in the corner, right in front of me. I knew it was coming right for me, I had it in my frame the whole time. And I just wanted to hang in there just a little bit longer because I knew it was a big time play. So, I hung in there and I kind of leaned back but by that time he kept on coming forward and he was just on me real quick. Then it was just in slow motion. I felt this great pop in my face. I thought my camera flew a little bit further than it did, but good thing I grabbed on to it with my finger tips and I just went flying back into the one barrier.”

Hall talked about what it was like to get hit by a 6-3, 205 pound NFL receiver.

“It’s almost like a bull coming through, if you could picture that,” Hall said. “I could remember hearing it and feeling the impact, not really around my face but around my whole body.”

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The fact that this was Wentz’s first career touchdown pass puts the stamp on a historic moment for Hall.

“That’s what makes it so special,” Hall said. “I think that if there’s ever a time to get hit in a football game — it’s possible, it happens — but if there is ever a time to get hit I think that’s the time to do it.”

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