Malcolm Jenkins: Carson Wentz ‘Is One Of Those Players Who Desires To Be Great’

Malcolm Jenkins is a Super Bowl champion and veteran NFL safety. He sits down with CBS Philly’s Joe Santoliquito every week.
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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Malcolm Jenkins says it’s one game and it’s a good start, but what Sunday’s 29-10 victory over the pitiful Cleveland Browns proved is that the Eagles do have a chance to do something this year, and it’s because of rookie quarterback Carson Wentz.

“I think everyone learned what we already knew, and that we have a chance at quarterback,” Jenkins said. “The quarterback played well, the offense played well, the special teams played well and the defense, for the majority of the game, played well. It’s one outing, so we didn’t learn a whole lot, but the formula for what we want to do this year is starting to come together: That’s good defensive play, good special teams play and give the offense an opportunity to put points on the board.

Malcolm Jenkins

PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 11: Malcolm Jenkins #27 of the Philadelphia Eagles reacts after being called for a pass interference in the second quarter against the Cleveland Browns at Lincoln Financial Field on September 11, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

“If they’re not, they can stay patient, not force the ball and take advantage of opportunities when they come. That’s what we saw on Sunday.”

Jenkins saw Wentz every day and practiced and he liked what he’s seen. But practice and preseason games are one thing, live NFL games are played at a completely different, and higher speed.

“I wasn’t 100-percent sold, and then I saw that first drive and I was pretty convinced, because everything I saw in the spring and summer from [Wentz] carried over into the game,” Jenkins said. “That was definitely encouraging. He wants to learn and he’s gone to the veterans as to who is successful and who does the right things. He’s one of those players who desires to be great in this league.

“As a rookie, you try and soak in as much of what the veterans do as you can. He’s very open and someone the guys can lean on. Nothing bothers Carson. I’ve said it before, I like his confidence. I’ve always liked his confidence. He’s not affected by mistakes. The biggest thing I was surprised about was how much we were passing the ball in the first drive. I was little surprised our offense was more dynamic than I had predicted.

“That comes from Wentz. His biggest thing is his confidence. He throws the ball very well and he’s not afraid to go after a defender. That comes from the confidence he has in himself. When you see him in a game and wonder why he doesn’t look fazed, still standing tall in the pocket, that’s because of how he approaches practice and because of the belief he has in himself. He needs to stay confident and continue to trust in his arm and his ability.”

Jenkins liked the way the defense lined up and the communication. What needs work, he says, is giving up the big plays. Overall, he was pleased.

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