Dorenbos: Eagles Are Ready To Rock And Roll On Sunday

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Jon Dorenbos may be vying for a million dollar prize and a headlining show in Las Vegas on “America’s Got Talent,” but this weekend he’s focused on game day.

Entering his 11th season as an Eagle, Dorenbos says the team is ready to “rock and roll” on Sunday.

But Sportsradio WIP host Angelo Cataldi couldn’t let Dorenbos off that easily.

Cataldi asked, “Did you know Howie Roseman is also a bit of a magician?”

“Oh boy, here we go!”

Cataldi continued, “He made Sam Bradford disappear! What was your reaction?”

“Well, Sam and I are friends. I am a Sam Bradford fan. I think the reality is for the organization and the success of the organization long-term, if Carson’s your guy, and you can get a first and fourth round pick… that’s big time. So we’ll see what Carson can do. I’m excited to see him. He made some good plays in preseason and we stand behind him.”

He continued, “I just look at the kid and think I wish I looked like him. I wish I was 6’5” and 200 whatever pounds he is, athletic and agile.”

Dorenbos reminisced about his first game in the NFL ahead of Wentz’s starting role on Sunday.

“I remember going over to the ball and feeling like I had never snapped a ball in my life. And let me tell you, when I snapped it, it looked like I had never snapped a ball in my life.”

He says, “It’s about controlling your heart rate. It’s hard to go out there and take the moment in and think ‘Wow this is everything I ever worked for.’”

To listen to the full podcast, click here. 


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