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By Chris Stigall

6:00 – Chris opens the show talking about the recent beheading of an American journalist in the Middle East. He also gives his opinion on Senator Bob Casey’s (D-PA) comments about the Obama administration’s “plan” to deal with ISIS.

6:20 – Be sure to get your tickets to the 1210 Speaker Series, 2 weeks from tonight, at the Constitution Center where Republican Senator Ted Cruz will be debating constitutional issues. Also, Chris gets into the issue of Chakka Fattah again.

6:50 – The Penn State Squirrel Whisperer is the topic of this segment. Chris finds this story humorous and rightfully so. According to a Fox news affiliate report, a Penn State student talks, feeds and even dressed up squirrel’s around campus.

7:00 – Morgan Brittany and Gina Loudon both join the show to discuss their book, “What Women Really Want” with Chris and Paige. In it, both authors talk about some of the issues women face in not only in conservative politics but in their daily lives as well. For more information, visit: http://www.politichicks.tv

7:20 – ISIS is the major topic of the day. Another beheading video was released, this time of another American journalist. Chris wants to know what’s going to be done and slams Obama for not having a plan to deal with ISIS.

7:35 – Michael Cerio, executive producer of the show, brings us “What’s Trending.” More naked celebrity talk. Apple claims that they aren’t responsible for the breach in security. Adam Levine appeared on Jimmy Fallon last night and did a musical impression of many different artists including Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan.

8:00 – Tom McGrath, author of Philly magazine, joins the program to talk about all of the recent events of the day including ISIS and Chakka Fattah. McGrath gives his opinion on Fattah’s future and who might replace him, should be either resign or be forced out of his congressional position.

8:20 – Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg joins the show. Chris and the Phillies skipper talk baseball and the current Phillies hot-streak on the road in New York and Atlanta as well as the collective No-Hitter Monday afternoon.

8:40 – Chris speaks to the PSPCA for the weekly “Piazza Pet Of The Week” segment.

8:50 – Chris wraps up the show rejoining “The Squirrel Whisperer” from Penn State.

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