By Chris Stigall

6:00 – Chris is all over the Kathleen Kane interview in which she admits to being wrong and making mistakes during her time as Attorney General.

6:15 – Chaka Fattah, PA’s Congressman is in the news this week. Fattah’s long time adviser reportedly plead guilty to the  misusing  of close to 630,000 in campaign money. Stigall gives his opinion on it as well as continuing the conversation about the recent Kathleen Kane interview. Chris also touches on this week’s ESPN interview about Michael Sam that has received a lot of criticism.

6:35 – The Taney Dragons are in the news this week. Their parade occurred yesterday. Chris and the crew get into a heated discussion about the hate towards throwing a parade for a team that “didn’t win.”

7:00 – Continued Chaka Fattah campaign talk. Chris takes a few phone calls and gets a listener opinion. One listener believes the reason why the elected official’s name wasn’t released is because of the upcoming election in the fall. Another suggests the same forces bringing down Fattah should also bring down Kathleen Kane and President Obama.

7:20 –  Governor Tom Corbett recently did an interview with a popular YouTube channel show talking about alcohol consumption and where it is most convenient to buy beer and wine. His comments came off sexist. Chris and news anchor Paige Powers discuss it.

7:45 – Chris takes some phone calls on the Tom Corbett issue and previews “Stigall On The Mall”

8:00 – Stigall On The Mall with the man with 2 first names, Ron Patrick, begins the 8 o’clock hour. Ron sounds out of breath but frantically finds guests to play this weekly game segment. Contest winner Ralph from Broomall wins 2 tickets to Sunday’s ‘Made In America’ festival.

8:20 – Kathleen Kane’s interview with Pittsburgh’s KDKA – a CBS affiliated television network is the topic during this segment. Chris has some humorous comments about John Delano, the reporter conducting the interviewer for KDKA.

8:30 – Recap on early Michael Sam talk is apart of the 8:30 segment. Chris bashes ESPN, making a point that their being hypocrites in covering the first openly gay player in the NFL.

8:50 – Chris ends with a comment on the recent “Internal Veterans Affairs” training video.












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