By Dr. Brian McDonough

By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It is called unpolished rice but most of us know it as brown rice because of its brown color. This is how all rice would look before it goes through the entire process of polishing.

The polishing may make it look more appealing in some ways but it also can strip away many of the health and protective effects including protection against high blood pressure.

The most important thing about brown rice is that it is rich in fiber which is present in the brown layer of the grains. The health benefits of a high fiber diet are being stressed by medical experts so, clearly, brown rice may have a role.

If you give both types of rice a chance and try them side by side, I think you’ll notice that both have an excellent taste. Why not choose the healthier option?

It is a simple step that can make a big difference.

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