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By Stan “The Grand Imperial Poobah” Hochman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — (Editor’s Note) Stan Hochman, a Daily News sports columnist for 55 years, has been appearing on 94WIP’s morning show for over a year now, settling disputes (and starting new ones) as the “Grand Imperial Poobah.” He brings that persona to CBSPhilly.com/poobah on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we welcome input on which issues you want the Poobah to take a good, hard look at. Send requests and ideas for The Poobah to WIPpoobah@gmail.com. 

Without further ado, here’s The Poobah.

Phil E. Fan: Ruben Amaro Jr. said the Phillies might take a step back and that they might not be a contender in 2015 or 2016. Should he be applauded for keeping it real?



Poobah: Applauded? Ruben should be checked immediately for concussion symptoms. It might be the dumbest statement by a Phillies baseball executive since Bill Giles called the franchise a “small-market team.” If the Phillies take another step back they may wind up in Camden, sharing a half-empty ballpark with the Riversharks. Hasn’t Amaro noticed that the team has been marching in reverse for the past three seasons?

Now, after sitting on his hands during a frenzied trading period, Ruben looks into his cloudy crystal ball and sees doom and gloom for the next two seasons. If they’re not going to dump Amaro, they have to make him dump that cloudy crystal ball. And then make him dump some of those ancient players with obscene salaries. And if he can’t do it, they have to find someone else to reload, rebuild, retool, refresh, whichever word they choose to get this franchise headed in the right direction. The fans are letting the team know how they feel, by staying away. The opposition is letting Amaro know how they feel about Ryan Howard by walking Chase Utley to pitch to the Big Peace. What has Ruben been watching this year?


You can hear Stan “The Grand Imperial Poobah” Hochman on the 94WIP Morning Show every Thursday at 7:20am E.T. Send the Philadelphia sports issues you want The Poobah to tackle to WIPpoobah@gmail.com



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