By John McDevitt


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A North Philadelphia supermarket has installed a kiosk to provide free mental health screenings for its customers. Customers of the Brown’s Shoprite store, on Fox Street, can now add mental health screenings to their grocery list.

At the kiosk, users can type in answers to questions on a touchscreen.   Results are analyzed, and referrals are printed for where you can get professional help if warranted.

It’s all done anonymously.

Candice Porter, with the nonprofit group “Screening for Mental Health,”  an organization that coordinates mental health programs nationwide, says the kiosk can address a variety of user complaints.

“The different screenings that you can take are for depression, alcohol, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress, and there is also prescreen for adolescent depression that a parent can take on behalf of their child,” she says.

Sobriety Through Out Patient Inc. has been providing  behavioral health treatment in Philadelphia for more than 24 years.  Michael  Campbell, with the organization, says the kiosk will help to destigmatize  mental health care.

“There are behavioral health issues in all communities, and we just don’t have enough resources to empower people, so this is going to be an excellent resource,” he said today.



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