By Molly Daly

By Molly Daly

SPRINGFIELD, Pa. (CBS) – Upper Darby police were digging in a Delaware County park Saturday, as they continued their search for the remains of two people an accused murderer and rapist says he buried there two years ago.

At Indian Rock Park in Springfield Saturday morning, the sounds of heavy equipment at work could be heard in the woods.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Mike Chitwood said John Gonce told police that’s where he disposed of the bodies of a prostitute and her pimp after killing them in his apartment in Secane.

“After he killed them — he stabbed them both to death — he dismembered their body with a hacksaw and then packaged them in a tote box and then drove the pimp’s car here, unloaded them and buried them in the woods.”

Gonce is in prison in Philadelphia, awaiting trial in the 2012 deaths of two Overbrook teenagers. He also faces rape charges, and is accused in a home invasion robbery in Upper Darby.

So why would he confess to two previously unknown murders?

“He has nothing gain, so I don’t understand,” Superintendent Chitwood says. “You know, I personally spoke to him and I asked him what he was looking for. From me, he was looking that I’d make sure that everyone knows that he did this voluntarily — that he’s confessing and he wants to clear his conscience. The guy’s a cold-blooded killer. So, who knows? We would be remiss if we didn’t follow-up.”

Chitwood says the longer investigators dig, the more his doubts about the truth of the story grow.

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