PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Cowboys have not been regarded as a contender to this point, but the team is rolling the dice that they will be playing in the postseason. Today, the Cowboys mailed out their season tickets and fans of the team will receive not only regular season tickets, but playoff tickets as well.

The last time the Cowboys went to the playoffs was 2009 and the last time the team played in the NFC title game was 1995. That particular game is included in the package as well.

The Cowboys are not taking this measure out of confidence. It is based on convenience. The team previously used a system where fans would receive requests for playoff tickets in December and they would have to inform the team whether or not they wanted the postseason tickets and then pay.

Now, Cowboys fans have the physical tickets and if the team breaks the playoff drought, fans will merely have to go online and complete the payment for the tickets they have.

The system makes sense, but the irony is there nonetheless. Sending out NFC Championship tickets sounds like a bad omen for a team that hasn’t played in the game in nearly two decades.

The tickets may be a sign of hope for Cowboys fans as they look for their team to get back into the postseason. Consider that they don’t make it though. Those tickets will serve as an ugly reminder of where the team once again didn’t wind up.

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