BUFFALO, NY (CBS) – From color runs to crazy obstacle courses, themed runs are all the rage across the country.

But the Better Business Bureau is warning runners to “do their homework” before participating in any 5K race or similar event.

Apparently, the organization has been receiving complaints about various “fun runs” that have been canceled with short notice. Often, those who signed up aren’t refunded, the BBB says, citing two recently canceled Dirty Girl Mud Runs in West Virginia and Buffalo, as well as another called off fun run in Cleveland.

If you’re thinking about running in a themed race, the BBB urges you to take several precautions:

-Do your research
-Understand the terms and conditions
-Check the local venue
-Pay with a credit card
-Keep documentation of your order
-Check out the charity

For more information on the BBB’s warning, click here.

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