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By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — UPDATE: 7/25/14 There are recent developments in Joel Embiid’s pursuit of Rihanna. On Thursday evening, Embiid tweeted out a picture of the pair out on the town at dinner. There was definitely enough food on the table for two, but Rihanna is not visible in the shot.

Embiid conveniently explains that she is taking the picture.

In addition to that update, Embiid has also debuted a new Twitter avatar that features the pop star.

Despite the shakiness of those findings, Embiid has received a legitimate follow from Rihanna. Perhaps it’s a small gesture from her, but who knows? This could be the start of something special.

Original Report: 7/22/14 Joel Embiid may not be endearing himself to fans by taking the court anytime soon, but he is definitely keeping us all entertained on Twitter. Recently, the Sixers top draft pick set his sights on Kim Kardashian asking her politely to “slide into his DM’s.” He quickly rescinded his request upon finding out about her recent wedding to Kanye West.

The big man may have failed to get the attention of Kardashian, but Embiid is still tweeting away and keeping us reaching for the retweet button at a rapid pace.

Today the new Sixers center released a very important tweet to update us all on his latest romantic plans.

So there you have it. Embiid is done with his pursuit of Kardashian and has set his sights on pop music star, Rihanna. Embiid made his intentions clear. He’s changing up his strategy this time around.

With Kardashian, he was hoping that she would come to him. This time, he is making the first move with Rihanna.

Who knows if she will say yes or even respond for that matter, but you cannot deny that Embiid is becoming one of the most enjoyable follows in Philadelphia sports. If you aren’t following him yet, you may want to click here.

Embiid wasted no time updating the status of his pursuit of Rihanna:

This is clearly a developing situation and definitely worth following.

UPDATE: It’s almost 9:30…Did she say yes?

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