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Olbermann Names Cliff Lee Worst In The Sports World Because Of A Fart?

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(Credit: Chris Gardner/Getty Images)

(Credit: Chris Gardner/Getty Images)

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “Olbermann,” ESPN’s version of a late night talk show, hosted by Keith Olbermann, features a segment titled “Worst Person in the World.” The segments highlights a particular person who has said something or done something to make them, in Olbermann’s eye, the worst in sports.

Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee has found himself on the prestigious list for allegedly farting prior to his postgame interview when he returned to action on Monday against the Giants.

The segment came to fame when Olbermann did political commentary and featured names like George W. Bush, Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin. In the sports adaption we have seen names hit the list like Nick Saban, Johnny Manziel and Tony Dungy.

Each name that has garnered the title has done so for different reasons that definitely vary on the severity scale. With that said, Lee’s offense was certainly a minor one, but he struck a cord with Olbermann all the same.

See Olbermann’s Rant Below:

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