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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (CBS) — When it comes to going above and beyond the call of duty, one officer took it to a whole new level.

The officer’s dashboard camera was rolling when he pulled over a car for speeding on a highway outside of Cleveland, Ohio.

After stopping, the suspected drunk driver stumbled out of his car and inexplicably wandered onto the busy highway.

The driver then fell to the ground and was apparently unable to get back up. That is when the heroic officer sprang into action.

The officer dragged the man across the highway out of harm’s way. Making the store even more amazing is that the suspected drunk driver weighed approximately 340 pounds.

“He’s a hero. This guy should really thank him. I don’t think that there’s any guy on this department that wouldn’t have done the same thing. We’ve got a lot of great guys here and that’s part of the job that you spring into action,” Det. Sgt. Bob Wagner of the North Olmsted Police Department said.

The driver had pleaded no contest to drunk driving and speeding charges.

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