By Carol Erickson 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In one corner, we have the Sun — smiling, in the bright yellow trunks.

In the other, dressed all in grey and looking surly — Cloud.

The dawn bell rings and out they come. Cloud gets the early jump – he’s all over the place. Sun tries a few light jabs and gets pushed back from time to time. But he’s back up again– those yellow sparkly trunks showing up Cloud, hitting brightly from above.

No break for these two in this weekend matchup. Sun looks great till Cloud sends a few rounds his way, covering him up.  Ouch.

A soft knockout by Cloud…no wait…Sun is back on its shimmery feet and folks, we have a draw.

Great match. Thanks, you two, for keeping the skies interesting and the fight clean and non violent.  And no one breaks a sweat in Sunday’s 81 degree arena.

A slightly warmer, but still friendly match up headlining the main weather event on Monday, at 85 degrees.

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