By Michelle Durham

By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – New guidelines have been issued by the federal government and adopted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner (EEOC) that strengthen regulations regarding the treatment of pregnant employees in the workplace. They allow the voices of workers who believe they have faced discrimination or harassment an opportunity to be heard.

H.R. and Leadership Consultant and owner of Development First in Warrington Walter Hoff says it’s about time the EEOC tightened these regulations.

(Walter Hoff. Photo provided)

(Walter Hoff. Photo provided)

“This should have been clear all along that discrimination of this type and that is what this is — workplace harassment and it is illegal.”

The new guidelines forbid employers from forcing employees to take leave and ensure pregnant workers assume light duty tasks. Hoff, who has made a career of coaching and motivating management says, “Treating employees with honesty, dignity and respect. There is a definite increase in the bottom line. How they treat the customers is a marked improvement.”

Hoff says smaller companies who may not have an HR department can receive all the up to date information on these rules.

To find out more about the new guidelines, click here for the EEOC’s website.

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