By Syma Chowdhry

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) – Residents of Erie Street in Camden were baffled after watching FBI officials investigate a home on the 300 block of their street.

Camden County Police and the Prosecutor’s Office were also at the scene.

“Something big is going on,” said Maria Sierra, a neighbor.

Investigators were searching this home for evidence – possibly even a body – in connection to a previous ongoing investigation.

Chopper 3 was over the house getting aerial shots before officials covered the area with tarp.

“They started taping it off; it says ‘crime scene,’ so I got a little worried,” said resident Benjamin Ortiz.

“Back there working…bringing in machinery, their toilets and all that stuff. I think they are going to be here for awhile,” David Torres, another neighbor, said.

The sights have sparked rumors and speculation among area residents.

Maria Sierra said she’s heard all sorts of theories about what was in the house.

“They found a corpse! Buried in the basement, and they also said they found guns and drugs – I don’t know,” Sierra explained.

None of those rumors have been confirmed because officials haven’t spoken to the media.

Eyewitness News tried to get a closer look through the alley behind Maria’s house, but officials asked us to leave.

Folks like Benjamin Ortiz told us the home that’s being investigated was not vacant.

“The house is in good condition. I know that the people, from what I was told, rent out the house and whoever lives there, lives there,” he said.

Neighbors added that they’ve seen a lot of police activity in Camden but this case was unusual – and they want answers.

“Everybody is wondering what’s going on, what’s the problem?” Torres explained.

“It makes me wonder if it’s just bodies; could it be something more? Something more sinister? I mean, who knows in this neighborhood? It could be, honestly, anything,” he said.

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