By Tim Jimenez

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Sunday’s World Cup Final wrapped up an exciting few weeks for soccer fans in Philadelphia and around the globe.

Even though it’s Germany and Argentina for the championship, folks at a South Jersey shop say this year’s tournament has been a win for soccer in this country.

When the World Cup comes around every four years, places like The Deptford Soccer Post are hubs for long-time soccer fans, newcomers and a lot of people in between.

“There’s an increase in excitement, there’s an increase in interest. We’ve got more youth players playing in the leagues,” says Mike Bouver, a soccer player and the store’s manager.

He also says that spike in interest means a boost in sales, especially with the U.S. team’s performance.

“Customers coming in for USA jerseys, USA t-shirts and all kinds of USA — things even after they were eliminated.”

A sign, Bouver says, that this isn’t just a once every four years infusion of interest, but a real movement.

“We see the young families that are just starting soccer. This is the first generation that’s playing; the parents have never played,” he explains.

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