By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Barely a full week into July 2014, and we’re already forecasting the second heat wave in Philadelphia so far this month!

Chalk it up to high pressure anchoring itself just offshore, helping to send a southerly stream of warmth and moisture our way. Temperatures should easily spike into the low 90’s Monday afternoon, but the humidity is just starting to creep up on us. (Fear not, you’ll start to notice it later tonight!)

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By Tuesday, a sluggish cold front will be working its way east, bringing a renewed threat for showers and potentially drenching or even severe thunderstorms. In the meantime, we’re gathering moisture and heat, so we’re facing a few steamy days. Tuesday should hit about 94. We’re shooting for 90 on Wednesday, still with a shower or thunderstorm in the mix.

Remember, in order to qualify as a heat wave, we need 3 days or more of 90 degrees or higher. Still, thermometer readings and meteorological definitions aside, it’ll still be hot and sticky! We can at least expect some easing on the mercury by week’s end, but hey … it’s July in Philly after all!

Get the air conditioner ready!


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