By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – YouTube is about to pull the plug on some of your favorite singers and bands.

“Someone like you” might not be able to see Adele on YouTube.

Google, which owns the site, is working on a premium service: for a few bucks a month, you could watch videos or listen to music on any device, with no ads.

But the Arctic Monkeys’ label and other independents say their artists are getting a bad deal from Google — less money for the free streams. A YouTube official telling the Financial Times they’ll start blocking videos “in a matter of days” from the record labels that don’t agree to the new licensing.

Vevo has come to terms with Google, so videos it distributes on YouTube (including some Adele songs) will stay.

Tech companies see music subscription services as critical to growing and keeping customers, as evidenced by Apple’s multi-billion dollar Beats buy and Amazon’s Prime service.


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