Personal Trainer Gives Senior Tips For Healthy Living

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credit: Michelle Durham

credit: Michelle Durham

Michelle Durham Michelle Durham
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By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Today is National Senior Health and Fitness Day. A group of Philadelphia area seniors have been hitting the gym a couple days of week, as they are determined to stay fit.

Personal Trainer Angelina McNellis says seniors have special fitness needs.

“This age group needs a lot of memory strength training and balance exercises,” she said.

Rydal Park Resident Janice Meyer says she enjoys the workout and has logged quite a few miles on exercise bikes.

“I walk with her and attend her stretch and tone exercise classes.”

McNellis says she enjoys working with seniors because they listen to advice but Meyer says her generation also knows how to give.

“She’s my daughter,” Meyer said. “She comes to me with certain things and I listen to her and try to give good advice. sometimes she listens sometimes she doesn’t.”



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