By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – What’s a mobile wearable device? It’s a type of technology that has lawmakers interested.

Google glass is just one of the newly growing products in the mobile wearable device category – technology that you don’t have to hold or put in your pocket (that is SO five minutes ago) but that you actually wear that provides a continuous stream of information and also allows wearers to take pictures and shoot videos. And, it’s not just fashionistas who are horrified.

Lawmakers too have taken less than favorable notice. Like most things, the law is slow to catch up with technology, but you can expect to see several ways in which your right to wear Google glass, smart watches, and other mobile wearables will be restricted.

Australia has proposed a law that would effective ban Google glass because of the potential for infringement of privacy since it can easily be used to record conversations and video without consent.

Under existing US law, using the technology in that way is already a felony in some states, particularly when done in places where a person would expect privacy like a locker room. The FBI has also accused someone of movie piracy for wearing Google glass in a movie theater. And, several states have begun to ban its use while driving.

As technology continues to improve, it’s up to you to make sure you watch how new laws affect your smartwatch.

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