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By Steve Patterson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Not only is this week’s ruling a momentous occasion for same-sex couples who want to wed, it could provide an economic boost to the city.

Weddings as you know cost money.

Eyewitness News reporter Steve Patterson shows us how Philadelphia could benefit in a big way from same-sex marriage.

“We’re thrilled to get married after 27 years. My partner in life,” Enoch Richards said.

In July, after three decades, the city Enoch Richards and Tim McMaster love will finally recognize the love between them.

But it’s not all just about love. A new study found that gay marriage in Pennsylvania could generate some $92 million dollars.

And as it turns out people in love like to spend money.

“In every single state they have seen a major economic impact,” said Paula Butler.

Butler is one of the people behind a 10-year campaign to promote gay tourism.

“We think this is just going to be terrific for the city. Gay people travel extensively. We are known as gay friendly and we expect that will increase,” said Butler.

New York City saw an influx of $28 million almost right away, just in marriage expenditures.

Butler says the more gay friendly city, the more potential there is for tourism dollars.

Philadelphia was already ranked tied for first by the ACLU.

Business owners and managers in the affectionately named “gayborhood” are thrilled.

“The bigger concern is equal rights for people,” said restaurant manager Logan Ayliffe. “If that also means more tourism and the neighborhood keeps getting bigger and better – that’s awesome.”

Awesome again for Enoch and Tim.

Proud, gay, soon to be married.

“We can be who we are here and not be afraid of who we are here,” Richards said.



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