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By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Indoor trampoline and bounce houses are increasing in popularity these days, but local ER staffers are seeing a rise in the number of related injuries.

Acting Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine for Abington Memorial Hospital Dr. Stephen Fisher says as with anything else you need to approach this activity with an abundance of caution.

As to the injuries,”We’ve seen a multitude of injuries. The majority of them are sprains and strains. We will the occasional fracture. It is possible here there are also some fractures that we don’t see, specifically in the pediatric population. There may be some growth plate fractures that aren’t readily appreciated radiographically.”

Meaning, it won’t show up on an X-ray.

Fisher’s offers this advice, “Supervision would be helpful in that some injuries that we’ve seen could be children colliding, as well as falling awkwardly back into the equipment.”

He says he would give the same advice for adults who use trampolines as part of their workout regimen.

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