By Steve Patterson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “You don’t get the amount of respect let’s say.”

However, it is exactly what a PPA enforcement worker was doing Thursday night, in the 1100 block of Bainbridge around 1030 p.m., that made a difference.

It’s a place he usually patrols three times a day, three times a week.

Minitti heard weeping coming from the alley.

“I said are you okay? He was unresponsive. He just kept crying and moaning.”

Minitti discovered a four-year-old boy, who police say just fell three-stories out a screen in his bedroom window.

“It was a very tough scene, to see a kid just laying there not moving, it’s a sad thing to see.”

But Vince didn’t just watch, he acted. He alerted the boy’s family within seconds, calling 911, making sure no one moved injured boy, before leading a prayer circle until medics arrived.

“I very much believe that God sent me down that street. I really do.”

Minitti says he isn’t ruling out divine intervention.

The four-year-old boy who fell three stories, suffered just a fracture, is in stable condition and is expected to fully recover.

“I thought it was a miracle just to fall two stories. But three stories? I mean that’s incredible.”

A story everyone wants to hear, a memory from the man no one likes to see.


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