By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Remember all winter, just waiting and waiting and waiting for springtime? It is here in most of its glory. While the weekend won’t be perfect weatherwise, it will be far better than anything we got slammed with the first part of the year or the middle of the week.

Some may still be doing cleanup from overactive streams and creeks, while others can simply enjoy comfortable temperatures. Highs over this first May weekend will average 70 degrees, with Saturday slightly warmer and Sunday a few degrees cooler (to benefit the Broad Street runners). So far so good.

The only weather “situation” might be a few spotty showers tossed our way both weekend afternoons by an area of low pressure north of us. It travels off the New England coast by Monday as high pressure replaces it as the dominant weathermaker. Translation: Monday looks similar to the weekend, only with a bit more sun, fewer shower chances, with temperatures continuing to average close to the ever popular 70 degrees.

The breeze with gusts to 30 mph will also be a factor on Sunday, but all in all, it’s not bad being in Philadelphia this weekend!

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