By Brad Segall

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. (CBS) — The day after last night’s torrential rainstorm was a day to clean up for many homes and businesses in the suburbs that are located near creeks and streams.

Several hours after the rain stopped, the waters of the Perkiomen Creek were still raging and moving quickly.

On Route 29 in Collegeville, right near the bridge, crews were cleaning out a Monro Muffler and Brake shop which got about a foot and a half of water inside the building, shutting down business for the day.

“We’re full of mud,” says market manager Chris Gross.  “And it’s an environmental thing also, because of the fact that it smelled like diesel fuel, to be quite honest.  So we have a team coming in that will clean it up properly.”

He says this is the worst they’ve seen since Hurricane Irene.

Right next door, cleanup crews were working on a house where almost a foot of water flooded the basement.
They were carting out appliances and other items, and hosing off the mud.

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