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By Diana Rocco

NEWARK, Del., (CBS) — It was a wet rush hour in Newark, Delaware as cars navigated around puddles and water covered roads left by the heavy rains.

“We are actually heading back to check the basement right now,” a neighbor said.

The White Clay Creek looks more like a raging river. The water level rose fast causing the swollen creek to overflow it’s banks. Water ran across N. Collegeville Road forcing some traffic to U-turn rather than take their chances.

“I fly fish the creek a lot. This is probably the highest I’ve seen,” a neighbor said.

“You can’t even see a definitive creek, it’s just a mass of water among trees it’s kind of wild,” Coreena Affleck said.

The creek runs right behind several homes. Will Levasseur has been keeping a close eye on the rising water levels.

“It flooded a little bit last year, but nothing like this,” Levasseur said.

In the two years he’s lived here he’s never seen the creek so close, around 6 p.m. Wednesday they realized they may have a problem.

“We started boarding up the house for about an hour and then within that time, it had risen about five inches,” neighbor David Boyd said.

“Glad I’m moving in a month. I hope our basement doesn’t flood too badly and they don’t have to shut our power off,” Levasseur said.


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