By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia School District has postponed a parents’ vote scheduled for Thursday on whether a West Kensington elementary school should be converted to a charter. A vote at a second school is still on for now.

Parents at Munoz-Marin Elementary in West Kensington were scheduled to cast paper ballots Thursday to decide whether their school should remain in district control, or be turned over to charter operator Aspira.

But the district, saying parents requested more time to analyze their choice, has now delayed that vote until further notice. A similar vote on converting Steel Elementary in Nicetown to a Mastery charter is still on for now.

The district announced only a month ago that for the first time it would let parents vote on whether the two under-performing schools should be turned over to the preselected charter operators. As battle lines formed on the district and charter sides, some parents said 30 days wasn’t enough time for them to decide their future of their schools.

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