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By Glen Macnow

Score: 6.25
Price: A hefty $16 for a bacon burger
Location: 1946 Lombard Street

We’ve drooled over the Pub and Kitchen burgers before and, quite frankly, expected that they could be a finalist in this contest. But not on this night. And, since we’re doing 40 burgers in 40 nights, we lose the Craig Laban luxury of revisiting each joint two or three times. Our cardiologist wouldn’t allow it. And so, on a chilly mid-April night, it’s fair to say that P&K was off its game.

First off, traditional favorites – the Windsor Burger, Parliament Burger and Churchill Burger – were all off the menu. Huh? Indeed, just one was listed, a double-decker of scrawny, overcooked patties slathered in Thousand Island dressing. Positive points to the tangy cheddar cheese, but nothing else seemed above average. Undercooked bacon, a very blah bun, lots of salt. The flavor, alas, seemed to come from the condiments and not the beef.

Better than a Big Mac, but not at $16. Having enjoyed this pub many times before, we’ll just chalk it up to a bad night – and a foolishly limited menu. We’ll be back, but not right away.
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