By Glen Macnow

Score: 7.0
Price: the Second Coming Burger is a hefty $14.99
Location: Westmont, N.J. and Exton, PA.

It’s a cheery spot, highlighted by an incredible oyster bar and one of the most-extensive draft beer menus around. I could see parking myself at the Pour House for about four hours on a game night and doing great damage to both food groups. But we were here for a burger – the “Second Coming” specifically, a custom grind of aged sirloin, topped by gruyere cheese (the most-underrated cheeseburger topping in my book), roasted garlic aioli and tomatoes. It’s on a springy roll made from yellow challah, which appears to have replaced boring old white-bread buns as the standard.

The bad: At 15 bucks, it’s pricy. Plus, those tomatoes advertised with it never made their way onto the burger. When we asked the waitress about that, she said, “They’re supposed to be in the sauce.” Uh, no. That’s garlic in the sauce.

The good: Excellent texture and taste on the beef. You could tell that our chef knew what he was doing, because the burger was crusty on the outside, and still juicy inside. It was a good inch thick, so that there was a gradient of doneness throughout. Like a work of art.

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